You taught me

Smiling and laughing not my best attributes,

Keeping calm and cool was still unlearned,

Indifference and apathy were my best weapons,

Yet all these dissolved when you came,

You taught me to face the world with a smile;

Niggling and grumbling wouldn’t get me anywhere,

Did I realise the great fall then? No,

You were calm while I seethed with anger,

You smiled while I smirked,

You were my peace, my trust, my sole,

My mind being its own master,

An angel could never be my soul,

I sought the easier way out, running far

Lingering would tell me the truth,

Patience was never my element,

Yet you cared and shared with me,

Deeper did I fall, when I knew your smile,

Could follow your smell and shadow,

Yet you asked me made stop mid-path;

Smiling you gave our angel, a blush like yours-

You were not beholden, yet you let me hold,

Our angel is now my calm and peace,

Makes me smile and laugh, just like once did.

22 thoughts on “You taught me

      1. Story, I´ll make it short.
        I´m in the town buying groceries, turn the corner and see friend that we haven´t seen in a long time.. Friend has two kids, so I play a bit with them and we start talking, he eventually tells me he has another kid, I ask him his name he tells me ¨the jihadist¨ so I ask him why and he tells me he is waiting for wife and she will come soon with the other kid the ¨jihadist¨, I´m laughing, here comes the kid and wife, two kisses to the wife and as I´m greeting her the kid hits me in the balls.
        Yep, a terrorist.

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      2. No, not weird, he´s a a Spanish terrorist in the making, we should kill him before he knows how to use a weapon, so I thought that you strangle him and I´ll just dig a ditch for you to throw him in.

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