Rien – as in nothing

Bonjour copains, Hello friends it has been a few months that I started learning French for two reasons –

1. To proceed with my next level of education,

2. I obviously love the language.

It is just so sweet and passionate. Though I do not know much about the French people, their language suggests they live in the moment of their lives. Well it is not all these ramblings that I am here for.

I was watching a french movie called ” L’arnacoeur” ( The Heartbreaker) on Netflix for two reasons-

1. Better understanding of the language.

2. Because the name and poster were attractive.

I know it’s kind of childish but the man in the poster did make a mental call onto me.

Alright, so the thing that I noticed in this movie was the word “Rien” ( nothing) being used over and over again. The lead actor is in love with the lead actress, denies it with nothing. She wants him back but again its ” rien”, that’s where problems arise.


Even in our real when we are dealing with our feelings for a person we shouldn’t just forget it with nothing. We are real, life is real, so where does this NOTHING seep in from.


Talk to someone close to you, your friend, sister, brother, cousin. We have a plethora of near and dear ones surrounding us. Find out the person you can talk to. Make sure the person understands you and doesn’t just dismiss the dilemma you are in.


Don’t make him / her terrified of the situation , by vomiting out all your undigested thoughts. Pour it slowly on their minds, so that even they are able to process it. When you feel the cogwheels running, don’t escape from the situation, there are chances that the other person might also be avoiding the idea of their feelings as nothing. Try to explore the situation together, it will give you enough strength to move forwards, besides two brains work better than one.

Well to end my train of thoughts, I would like to share with you guys one of my favorite dialogues from the movie.

je romps les relations pas les couples,

true to his word he didn’t break any couple even at the end.

13 thoughts on “Rien – as in nothing

  1. La langue française est riche et parfois bien exigeante mais elle offre ces petits rien qui sont tout.
    Comme le chantait Jane Birkin dans “Ces petits rien” (chanson écrite par Serge Gainsbourg).

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    1. Monsieur tu as raison, en tant que debutant la prononciation francais est trop difficult. Je suis tonjours en train d’apprendre. Merci beacoup. I juis content😊


  2. Bon courage avec ça! 🥰

    It’s a beautiful language. If you need any help, je suis là.

    I recommend Indila as songs because they touch the deepest of your heart, and Existentialist literature of Albert Camus (like L’étranger), or Victor Hugo (Dernier journée d’un condamné). 🌹

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    1. I love songs of Indila. She is a mesmerizing singer . Also thank you so much for reading the post and your offer to help.

      For me French is a sweet and a little difficult language. But I am trying to learn as much as possible.


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