Independence Day

I was wondering whether to start with something like happy independence day. If you ask me , “are you happy?” I can definitely reply with a yes. Not an issue really. But the real question is -IS IT MY INDEPENDENCE DAY? The answer my dear friends will be NO.

My nation became independent on this day from the British. An important question which should itch your mind is “Are you happy about your nation”? Again I can answer that with a monosyllable NO .

The Government seems too happy to have made electricity accessible to the remotest villages of the country. A happy news YES , should I clap my hands NO. The above mentioned statement may be true, but they did not see to it, whether electricity is properly being supplied to the every area of the region, it being village or city. Let me speak for my city Guwahati, claiming itself to be a metro city , swift flowing electricity is like breathing in and out of air. Power cuts are so frequent that at times, it turns out to be power cut per 30 minutes. I really don’t know what is the issue with the electricity board “Do the consumers not pay their bills”? or ” Does the board have contradictory issues with zonal power grids”? During every elections the representatives have a common resolution ” After the upcoming ballots electricity will be 24/7 amenity for this region”. Did it ever happen NO, mind you we don’t always let the same party win. Yet all of them seem to have a problem of ‘Short term memory loss’.

Women of the nation are still not categorised as humans. We still have the tag of products, whether we are old or middle aged, young adults, teenagers or infants. 70% of Indian men still haven’t added the word ‘No’ in their dictionary. In many of the Indian communities love marriages are still taboo words but RAPE is not. Well they don’t consider it rape actually. According to them it is either disciplining the girl , his wife or having his way with a girl he likes who might have rejected him. Society accepts that because he is a MAN . In India if you are man, it means you are God and you have legit powers to do anything to your partner, your cousins, your mother-in- law ; anyone who is not a direct blood relative. And the hilarious situation is if you ask them why they did it , their first reaction would be ” Man did I do something wrong?” ,after further enquiry which is talking high because most of the cases don’t reach the office of authority , much less do they see judiciary. And if they somehow reach the police station, they try instilling good amount of fear in the poor girl’s (considering she is alive till then, which is rare) head that she opts out of the whole issue. Acid attacks and other domestic abuse cases are getting so popular now a days, sometimes I feel public lynching these criminals to death is a better option than the judicial punishment of death. Why give someone an easy death , when he or she doesn’t understand an easy word called NO.

With these tortures which includes – foeticide, domestic abuse, acid attacks, rapes, the number of females in few of the North Indian states are at stake. So the men might be in a virtual idea that they will be able to reproduce without women or probably get pregnant, which is not a bad option given the progress of science.

I guess I got a lot of pent up emotions, bringing to you best social who live to serve the citizens by protecting them – Government bureaucrats, the Police Department and other departments of executive. The Government should start a policy of salary increment in every 3-4 months because most of the people working in these departments seem to be totally in adverse condition , even may be below poverty line. Though they collect their salary every month from the Government, yet they live on bribery from common citizens. There is a deeper sentimental issue that we overlook, the people who work in these high raised Government buildings had to get their jobs by bribing the senior officers, so why will they not collect what is theirs. Traffic officers get the best choice here, theirs is like completing targets of Insurance officers , here the difference is the Government didn’t set up any target and it doesn’t have any recorded issues about their collected commission. Till the end of their tenure they should be able to collect the full amount that they paid. Government salary though might be helpful to run a family, yet when it comes to collecting the deposited money in the seniors table they will have to get it from other citizens. A man has to live his life common, stop thinking and start bribing.

The Government fears China might launch a war to gain Arunachal , Pakistan may take away Kashmir; but they forget about the society which is so abysmal as to bombard its own people.

I am really proud to be celebrating independence day of the nation where politics is the national game, and corruption is the Popular People’s Choice Award.

I am thankful to all those people who took the pain to go through this long unadroitic article of mine.

Happy Independence Day everyone.

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