An understanding between us 1

Those brown orbs, twinkling when you smile

I know you are happy then,

A smile without the gleeful joy;

Fake it must be ,

Your affirmations must not always be affirmative,

No, at times they are to adjust with situations.

Your love for me , kindness and carefree,

That’s what I like being close yet be free.

Stalkers Alert

This post is very different from my usual ones. The present situation in India (I have no idea about other countries) is such that most men and even boys think that social media.networks are all dating sites.

The process begins with them sending friend requests and the girls who are unaware of such problems accepting it. Facebook is the most common one,instagram getting the runner ups cup. It might begin with hello and then next sentence being said. “I like you”. Here things start getting interesting because the guy doesn’t even know the girl and he already likes and she might reply “Ok”. If it’s an ok guys please understand that she is not interested, instead you keep on sending her messages until she finally blocks you.

Instagram the next best app to search for would be girlfriends has the same facility . Even in this app the guys may be blocked out.

If she likes you she will surely talk to you, don’t rile her up. The women of our society are already enough demoralised to be even more terrified by your mental abuse.