A beautiful day

It seems that I have been walking long,

Not a matter of me getting strong

Yet it feels like a new day , when I know 

The journey will end with me and my bag in tow

I am the only one to face the world alone;

When I know it’s me , and everyone else gone,

The sunshine falling bright into my face,

Bringing out the beauty from those youthful days,

I just know I have to face it all,

With no one to catch me when I fall,

Life might be a little boring and not that great,

But I am happy here, with no hurtful words being said.

The last string

Where did we go wrong?

Could I not give you enough love?

Or did you never feel it for me?

When did we start diverging?

Was it a month back ?

Or did you never give into me ?

Was there no apathy?

What if I stop calling and sending those texts?

What if I stop holding the last string between us?

Will you tie it up for us ?

Will you give us a chance ,when we need it?

I’m not sure about it anymore.