Girls will be girls

Well the heading says it all, isn’t it ? The post is definitely about us girls and the way we think ( not applicable for everyone though). 

1. Over thinking- This is one of the greatest talents that we have. We over think most of the things, which might not be so serious. You might have made a minor mistake and your girlfriend might take it so seriously that you would rather ” Better call me a terrorist”.

2. Planning- We are supposed to plan a lot of things over hand. The situation may be such that she is about to get within the next 7 years and here she is planning what to wear on her Sagai.

3. Feminist- Nowadays you have to be very careful what you speak in front of us , a single statement related to inequality and she turns out to be the leader of feminism.

4. Craziness and Fun- We have our version of having, we might not spend the night drinking, but we will definitely spend it talking about our family and finding out about each other’s boyfriends or husbands. The conversation rarely meets political issue, but if it does we try putting in the latest information.

There’s more to this,girls can never be defined in a few words.Here I simply tried to put out some of the most common characteristics.

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