Unsaid words

Had you stopped me once, I wouldn’t have left,

I wish you would turn back, you could my tears,

A simple “how are you “? is not that tough-

I didn’t ask for gifts, a bit of your care would be fine,

But I knew that would never be coming from you,

You were happy once your needs were seen to,

How I wish you would love me, the way I loved you,

My face is called pretty by the masses,

None think of loving it, they know I can manage,

It’s not always possible to manage alone,

How I wish you would hold my hand forever.


Shout it out

Seldom do I care of what you think,

It’s not easy to be care free,

Things do change and that happens in a blink

More mistakes and more chances to be dreary.
Yes I don’t care of what you say ,

Life is too short and difficult to be quiet.

May be I let your mistakes go day after day.

But there are times when you can’t just digest the diet.
I do speak loud now, uncaring about you,

The feelings are scanty, dying gradually,

Don’t you think the reason behind this is you?

The lies, mistakes killed a bond brutally.

The bliss

A strange feeling passing through me,

What is it? nothing that I can see,

Your presence around me does make it good,

Is it right for me to feel or is it more than I should?

The blissful situation is making me happy,

Taking me far away from all things sappy,

I am not sure how we will go,

But this will be a journey better than any other I know.

A chance

I prefer to give him a chance, 

Not to strike him out.
He was not the one because of whom,

I cry in and about.

Consequences must be faced by the real convict,

Not the one who tries to make me happy

To bring me out,

Of all the times I grieve and turn sappy.

It pains to give in at once ,

So easily without being skeptic.

Again, being dubious  may not cure me

Rather worsen my wounds to septic.

He might not be perfect,

Yet he manages to make me smile

To make me realize I’m special, he never

Fails to seize my attention in his own style.

Something amiss

Amidst Β the celebrations something always remains amiss

Can’t understand what I’m missing -your greetings or the morning kiss?

Nothing can replace the love that you had for me,

Yet I try to find that in fragments from people , which in their eyes I get to see.

I pray to lord you look over as my angel from the sky;

For without it I will not be able to imagine a destination beautiful and high.


Girls will be girls

Well the heading says it all, isn’t it ? The post is definitely about us girls and the way we think ( not applicable for everyone though). 

1. Over thinking- This is one of the greatest talents that we have. We over think most of the things, which might not be so serious. You might have made a minor mistake and your girlfriend might take it so seriously that you would rather ” Better call me a terrorist”.

2. Planning- We are supposed to plan a lot of things over hand. The situation may be such that she is about to get within the next 7 years and here she is planning what to wear on her Sagai.

3. Feminist- Nowadays you have to be very careful what you speak in front of us , a single statement related to inequality and she turns out to be the leader of feminism.

4. Craziness and Fun- We have our version of having, we might not spend the night drinking, but we will definitely spend it talking about our family and finding out about each other’s boyfriends or husbands. The conversation rarely meets political issue, but if it does we try putting in the latest information.

There’s more to this,girls can never be defined in a few words.Here I simply tried to put out some of the most common characteristics.

Yes I’m single

The common way to continue any conversation in Facebook nowadays is “Are you single”? , Once they have confirmed that the person  is single , then the next most important question without asking which their stomach might bloat is “why are you single”? Different versions of the same question-“You are beautiful, I can’t imagine you are single”, “Man you are too intelligent to be single”.

 Well some of them answer it sweetly , while some others like me might ask you a few questions”Why do want to know?”. “I might be single because, the guys are not interested”, or an even better answer to boost up the investigator’s ego “I am single because I had been waiting for you”. Some of these conversations might turn fruitful while others just diminish through time.

I will be with you forever

I don’t know how many times I have heard this in the past and how many years do I have to hear this words in the future, but it’s always the same “I’ll be there for you whenever you’ll need me”. 😊 I think it’s a polite way of saying”I’m sorry you’re not good enough to be loved but I may help you at times”. 

This turns out to be frustrating at times because they don’t understand that we don’t need help , if a girl is bold enough to say “I want to be with you “, then she must be strong enough to help herself . Man it’s your love that she is asking for, not some pity. She is not a charity case that you will sympathize for. If you cannot give her the love that she deserves then you better tell her “I can never love you” instead of saying”I will be there for you”.