A promise

I made a promise with myself ,
No I won’t be there for you ;
I will teach you how to be there for yourself –
I won’t protect you from anybody ,
I shall teach you to protect yourself ,
I might not be with you ,
But our memories will always be there for you ,
I won’t let you be dependent anymore –
I will walk with you the path towards independence .

Picture Credits :fotosearch

Tormenting myself

Yes I stay beside you ,
There’s no chance for us ,
I know somebody else holds your heart ,
Yet I can’t live without you ;
Sometimes I doubt that I’m sick –
May be mental and coronary degradation ;
Still I torment myself every waking moment ,
Staying beside you , without letting you know ,
Is this my ego speaking ?

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Don’t remember me


A lot of things have changed ,
No I didn’t stop nor ever will ;
Fancying you is what my mind does –
It makes me see you everywhere ,
You couldn’t see me though –
Infront of you I stood, yet you couldn’t see
Without me being there ,
I know you won’t even  miss me ;
For I wasn’t ever important to you ,
As you were to me ,
So it doesn’t matter anymore  ,
If you don’t remember me .


Something which cannot be measured ,
Beyond words it has its importance ,
Yet we seem to not trust it everytime ;
I may not have been sincere for all –
My sincerity towards you was purely honest ;
Yet you couldn’t believe it .


She stood up against him , his nuisance could no longer be tolerated .Eyeing and sizing her up for the past few days .
Without giving him any chance to react , she reached for his hand and placed the Mangalsutra there . He was stunned for , he had never seen anyone with the likes of her . “You like me so much right ?  Everyday you come here just to stare and stalk me till my lane . Well you don’t have to do that anymore , marry me ! Now .”

He knew he had to move out before she caused him any more trouble .



Was he her third ? May be fourth ,
This is almost a child’s play now ;
They come for her , they love her ;
But does she feel the same ?
May be not , cause no one can ever be him .

I don’t want to love you

You asked me, why I love you ?
I have no answer to that ,
Can’t really say that I haven’t searched
My mind for that .
With both of us being egoistic
And arguing most of the time ;
I know you don’t feel the same for me ,
Nor do I want to love you –
Can’t help it though , I see you every waking moment
When I close my eyes I see you smiling ,
Without you close to me I can feel your presence .
I’m not sure how to stop it –
I really don’t want to love you .


I promised to wait , with no knowledge
Of the time frame –
The time when you’ll answer ,to the questions
Of my curiosity ;
Unsure of the possibility ,I still promised
to wait for you –
But are you worth it , for such a long
Period as it seems .

Broken Forever

I’m doing this after a long time, sorry for the break guys.I missed you all. Here’s a short poem, which came to my mind oneday after I woke up from a nightmare.

I woke up to be left alone again,

YOu were now where to be seen,

I know things always didn’t side with me

Nor are they going to now-

But there was not even a single tear to shed

No more can you invade my heart, break it;

Its broken, broken forever, far beyond repair

And I’m not going to mend it for anyone else

There’s no need for anyone to break it again.

It’s not a toy to be broken again and again;

I put on the facet of a strong lady

But it really hurts bad inside and I can’t whimp;

Whining is not my style , so what do I do?

Stay broken forever.