A game of pronouns

I can’t take it anymore. I know you want to be with you forever but the circumstances aren’t helping. I thought whatever feelings were there between us was love. It was a mistake and I’m extremely sorry for that.
You said I would change,  you were right I did change , unfortunately it isn’t for your good. I started liking him,  though there are no advances from his part. But my thoughts about our relationship did falter a bit. If my feelings for yoy would be that strong , I wouldn’t even dare think about him. Alas!  nothing can be done regarding this situation. Though you want me to try thinking again,  but its not a pain which time can heal. Nor should you play the false notion that I broke up because of him. No I didn’t, I did it because there’s no purpose of me in this relation. I did it because, I know I don’t love you. It had been a long term infatuation where I was trying to tame my mind into falling for you. There are things which are meant to happen but ours is not one of them.

P.s. A story which all my readers can relate to their own lives. πŸ˜€

17 thoughts on “A game of pronouns

  1. I have never gone that close to a person, so may be I can’t relate, but I have a few friends who were in similar shoes. I can’t tell for sure how painful it would be for the people involved, but it is heart breaking nonetheless.

    Keep Writing. πŸ˜€

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      1. Why so much of issues…. You are simply beautiful, nobody would ever let you go off…..if I was in his place, I would fight till last with all the weakness I have….. If he is a good person, you should be giving him a chance….

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      2. See that smile of yours in that pic….. And you say things are complicated in your life….. Can’t believe…….if I was in his place….. 10% or 100% I would never allow you to leave me……

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      3. Being stubborn only ruins things sweetheart…..just imagine what of god was stubborn to you……You be with him or not that is different….. But don’t be stubborn in life…

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