My trust


Quite easy to break, isn’t it
A simple word called trust?

We met in crossroads,  each struggling
Fighting for our careers,  being determined

It didn’t help,  when we stood so close;
I felt happy,  we could make it together

A dizzying wind passed through us I turned around to find you holding her,

Literally my heart wasn’t ripped apart,
But I could feel choking on my breath

I had been abused long ago,  this was more
My sanity seemed to leave me,

My body wasn’t hurt,  but you raped my mind
My soul got abused,  I didn’t know why

I thought it was an attraction
My part I fell for you pretty hard,

Lord help me,  if I hold my trust anymore
To you or to somebody else I don’t know

That day I couldn’t shed a single tear
You somebody for me,  you are a nobody now.