Don’t just Like it, start reading it.


It has come to my notice that most of my readers don’t read my articles,  instead they simply like it. 
In my previous article I mentioned it clearly for them to read because I was seriously in need of some feedback. Instead of feedback most of them just hit the like button without even taking a look at the content. There were many likes but comments from only 2 people .We writers simply don’t write anything to get most number of likes,  no. We want people to read them. To say the truth I think most of you will probably like this post as well without reading it.

18 thoughts on “Don’t just Like it, start reading it.

  1. Yes 😂
    I have gone through that
    And sometimes it’s sad to know

    I had kept a message at the end of my post to not like it
    Yet however a lot of them liked it

    I believe you have potential to write good posts and you should continue to do so for the readers who reallydo read.

    Everyone else from the blogging world is trying to make a just let them flow

    Write for your end readers
    Someone who pops into your blog by some accident or search and let them be amused by writings.

    For all the good times.


  2. I worry that happens on my blog, too. Truthfully, I have done this before, but normally try to read it first. One thing I struggle with is knowing what feedback to give. There are times I like something, but can’t communicate exactly what it is I like. It can be something simple, like I just like the voice a person has behind their writing.

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    1. It happens to me as well when I really like it but don’t know what to comment.. then I write a monosyllabl like -wonderful post or beautifully written, something like that. It makes both me and the blogger happy

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  3. Yeah. Writers (bloggers) write their minds and hearts out to world – some times, freely, but most of the times, laboriously, to be heard of or empathized with.

    Writers write for no other reason but to be read and heard.

    Real writers understand that.

    Most of the times I “liked” a certain post simply because I read it and really liked it. That sometimes I just mysteriously got “spellbound”out words into clicking the button spelled LIKE hahaha

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