Sample Chapter 1

So this post about a sample chapter from one of my newest novel /novella (I’m still not sure of its length ) . The sequel of Mysterious Women: Blackmail.
It has been named Mysterious Women: Revenge.
The name speaks a volume about the contents of the book. Its about revenge,  now the

revenge will be on whom and be taken whom,  is for me to decide and you to find out.

And how do you do that obviously by going through it after it is released.
I think I will stop boring you with my babbling and jump to the sample chapter.

Chapter 1
Her breathing too shallow for him to feel and listen. “Someone call 911 immediately “, Lucie’s voice no more than a shrill to his ears. He never felt so helpless in his life,  not even when his parents were killed. In this whole fuss of a matter, somebody placed a hand on his shoulder ” Don’t worry son, my girl is a fighter,  she will fight until her last breath “, her father’s words barely seemed like whisper in his ears. Everything around him did. He held hand and kept on holding it even when the paramedics were boarding her on the ambulance. They must have realised his broken down condition so they let him in their vehicle. Her parents , and friends including Ryan followed them in their own cars.
Meanwhile Mitchell  stood behind in the chapel full of guests to investigate. She informed the captain regarding the current situation,  who would be sending one of their agents to help her. Until she was to be on her own.  She asked all the guests to remain in the chapel and not leave the place without her permission. The minister too was under suspicion,  it was the matter of her best friend’s life and she would leave no stone unturned. The minister at first didn’t approve of the act,  later when she threatened to put him behind the bars,  he willingly took his place at the beginning of the queue. But something about the guests seemed amiss.” I wouldn’t unless I start processing my dynamo”,  she smirked  speaking to herself .

P.S. The book cover and release date has yet not been decided But I plan to reveal it soon.

Guys and Gals I seriously need some feedback in this which will help me progress with the upcoming chapters. So please don’t Just like it for the sake of liking. In the future chapters I’m planning to make you people a part of it by letting you decide the fate of the characters.

27 thoughts on “Sample Chapter 1

  1. Interesting sample. The first question I ask in my head as a reader is what has happened to her? Since there is an investigation, which even includes a minister, we can only assume it’s been something of a horrible violent nature. The sample here opens a lot of possibilities and it will be interesting to see where it all leads. Keep writing 🙂

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  2. I like the idea behind this, of having readers help determine what is to happen. For me, as a reader, i am curious to know what has happened to her. I can only assume it is a violent act, since there’s an investigation, and even the minister is a suspect. That’s a good way to build this up and bring people back to read. Good luck and keep writing 🙂


  3. This seems to be little little parts of other chapters….. Starts with 911 to Mitchell behind the chapel and then the captain and the minister…….for me it is confusing, just didn’t get the actual idea of what is happening, may be as I told I’m poor at reading, so that might be one reason, that mustn’t have understood the whole idea behind this…….. But then I read it completely for the sake of your beautiful smile……good morning and have a nice day ahead…….

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    1. I will give you a summary.. the bride who is taken to the hospital has been poisoned badly,With some exotic stuff. The captain is the chief of a unit of FBI, minister is well, that part has to be cleared. Mitchell is an FBI agent, its her story.

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      1. Oh ok…..for a dumb person like me, now it’s clear…..coz this is the first time in my life, that I read the first chapter of your novel…..and you know the reason why :)….. This sounds like some kind of mystery game…..Finding the lost…..

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      2. Why don’t you go through some mystery games, rather play them, I’m sure it will help you to write your novel in a perfect flow……

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      1. Give thanks to that magnetism you’re smile has… shows the person you are….simple and kind…..I’m not flattering you….but then any of the readers would surely agree…….Keep smiling beautifully……..and have a nice day ahead…..

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