Is it love?


“Niya what are you staring at? “, Rehan asked her. ” Umm its nothing “, she no longer could hide her feelings for him.
They had been friends for more than year. In fact she has one of world’s most loving boyfriend,  yet she can’t understand the current situation of her traitorous heart, which seems to pull her towards Rehan. “Look at me Niya”, he raised her chin,  while she was trying to shy away from the question ” why were you staring at me for the past few minutes if its nothing? Tell me “.
Niya looked into his eyes with her big brown eyes.Whatever will she say him to stop questioning,  even she didn’t know the answer to this weird situation. Finally having given up on her body and mind,  she decided to tell him about her feelings perhaps he can help, she thought. ” From the past few months I have been attracted towards you,  not in the friends kinda way,  its more in the romantic side “.
Well now her confession was done but both her palm were dripping with sweat. When Rehan didn’t answer her she felt a blow to her chest,  the friendship which she maintained for a year without revealing her interests was about to crumble. ” How is it possible?  You have a boyfriend remember? ” he spoke bringing her out of the reverie.  ” I know,  that’s what has me confused,  I know I care for “, she stopped mid sentence when did love turn into care. ” I know I’m confused and I need your help here”, she pleaded.

Now readers it’s your turn to decided whether Niya is really in love with this guy,  if so then are her feelings for her boyfriend deceptive?  Please answer in your comments.