Holding hands


A simple gesture ,
More than my little mind could take,
At fifteen I thought it was your love,
A love which would bind us forever But heavens! Was I totally wrong.
A little spanking and you hightailed away.

In another state at a future time,
Love did warm my heart again;
A different love, a matured love,
Without any doubt I thought it would work
No longer a child of fifteen –
Love full of devotion and loyalty.

Had I thought it would be different,
Made me losing my mind, myself.
My estranged body I gave,Β  all for you to love.
You did show your true nature,
Couldn’t you hold my hands for once;
When I or our survival depended on you.

Loving a guy so challenging was my challenge,
I did pass that,Β  but you left me behind.

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