Carrying out a fallacy called love,
Everyday I move on without dignity
Lost it when I told you “Yes”;
The three syllables made me lose myself,
Living in an independent country, 
Am I really independent?

The first mistake of bowing down to you
How badly do I desire for a death wish now,
It’s you I wish to kill
A death wish for you,
But will I be independent after that?

The society epitomized me obedient,
I let them see the woman you want me to be –
Lest I stop fulfilling your wishes,
Turning their back they’ll call me names
Will that be my independence? Never.

12 thoughts on “Independence

      1. Looking at your your beautiful simple dimple-ly smile, can’t believe that you think so complicated…….and what to say either, your this smile itself made me stop at your blog to follow it 🙂


      1. Now what to say on this, specially when I’m in love with your pretty smile……. But to be honest, I’m very poor at reading long pages, but for you, I will…..

        Liked by 1 person

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