Holding hands


A simple gesture ,
More than my little mind could take,
At fifteen I thought it was your love,
A love which would bind us forever But heavens! Was I totally wrong.
A little spanking and you hightailed away.

In another state at a future time,
Love did warm my heart again;
A different love, a matured love,
Without any doubt I thought it would work
No longer a child of fifteen –
Love full of devotion and loyalty.

Had I thought it would be different,
Made me losing my mind, myself.
My estranged body I gave,  all for you to love.
You did show your true nature,
Couldn’t you hold my hands for once;
When I or our survival depended on you.

Loving a guy so challenging was my challenge,
I did pass that,  but you left me behind.



Carrying out a fallacy called love,
Everyday I move on without dignity
Lost it when I told you “Yes”;
The three syllables made me lose myself,
Living in an independent country, 
Am I really independent?

The first mistake of bowing down to you
How badly do I desire for a death wish now,
It’s you I wish to kill
A death wish for you,
But will I be independent after that?

The society epitomized me obedient,
I let them see the woman you want me to be –
Lest I stop fulfilling your wishes,
Turning their back they’ll call me names
Will that be my independence? Never.



Withering leaves,  the autumn twigs,
All were meant to dry
None could hold up if not for their will –
Destiny never led the path;
The tree chose its own way not to die,
Relations are strong,  with a will,
Weaker it will,  with destiny following it;
Life doesn’t end without a destiny,
Putting our lives before destiny,  will make us live.