Book review: BoyzNite


Title: BoyzNite
Author: Xane J Fisher
Release Date: August 1 ,2016

Not much romance,  yet a lot of memories.

This book is the debut work of author Xane J Fisher. A party ending up with lots of happenings in a single night,  making it a BoyzNite.
The book has more to it,  author Xane tries to put up some family emotions,  where the protagonist Ian’s family is closely knit except his mother.

The story opens up with Ian Peters moving to Piedmont,  Washington for the summer,  to his father’s place. This summer proves to be self -revealing  for him,  reassuring himself regarding his conscience,  reigniting old flame,  reconnecting with his family and friends.

It is the story of most of us who passed their college or are attending universities or working somewhere far from their family,  far from the place they grew up,  exceptional are a few adventures made by Ian.

There is a particular period in our life ‘s timeline when we come to know what we missed all around,  the mistakes we carried and finally we want to correct those. That is what Xane J Fisher’s book is about and much more. Which I won’t reveal,  not now.

A book which is sure to remind the adults of their past adventures,  the young adults of their latest thrills.
So if you are COMPLETELY,  TOTALLY interested grab your copies from Amazon pre -sale.