Interview with Ravi Bedi

Tonight I am honored to introduce the author of Perfect Imperfect to all of you – Mr. Ravi Bedi. I have not known him for long but whatever least time I came into his acquaintance,  a motion of pride filled my mind because he is one of those soldiers who fought for our country when the nation was facing a crisis time.  Even in his answers you’ll find that.


1. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Jodhpur as a young boy, did my engineering at BHU in 1962 as a young lad, and turned into a ‘man’ during two weeks of excruciating ragging at an Air Force training centre.

2. When did you start writing?

Long after I retired in 1989—when my basement started filling up with a lot of crap (read paintings). But I did have a plot in my mind for many years,which finally took shape in 2014, when Rupa decided to publish my firstbook.

3. Please tell us something about your life as a pilot.

I never flew a plane. I helped in keeping those flying machines fighting fit. If you wish to know more about the lives of fighterpilots, read“Lovers’ Rock”. You won’t regret it.

4. What do you enjoy more painting or writing?

Writing; but I’m tempted to go back to painting. Paintings don’t take as much time as writing. Both are fulfilling—and a lot
better than switching channels on the idiot box!

5. Since you were a pilot I am sure you must have visited places thatcommon folks like us haven’t, so do you ever plan to work on that and writea Book on lives of pilots in IAF?

I worked very closely with fighter pilots, carried my beddings and crockery all over the country from west to east, and south to north. I made a lot of lasting friends, and then some who didn’t last. You’ll have glimpses of pilots’ lives in my book. If I write a book devoted to their exploits, it might be banned! (I can’t afford to forgo my pension!). I enjoyed my tenure at Hasimara (during the 71 war) in the east the most.

6. Do you think the Indian readers are more inclined towards romance genre  books?

It would annoy a lot of people if I give an honest opinion. You’ll find your answer in the sales figures on amazon or elsewhere. (Crap sells in good numbers!).

7. Could you please site the name of websites where your books are available?

Amazon, Flipkart, Rupa Publications, Authorink Publications.

8. What are your favourite books?

Lots of them, but mainly crime/romantic thrillers.

9. Do you write every day or randomly?

I used to write every day, but now only randomly. Currently I’m editing my forthcoming books…perhaps for the nth time, and still leaving a few holes.

10. What do you think makes a good plot?

Plot is the main thing, the very soul of a tale, often neglected by accomplished writers of repute. It has to be original, unique, and believable with a good measure of interesting twists and turns. It should not only surprise, but entertain. The rest depends on how it is presented.You can ruin a good plot by shabby writing. However, poorly crafted plots do sell in large numbers, especially if the book cover has a famous name.
Thank you for your time-Ravi Bedi.

We thank you as well sir.

The Wizard’s love #1

If you haven’t read the prologue yet,  then here is a link to that.



Wizardly Willow had seen its share of catastrophes , but during the past few centuries after the previous Primus stepped down and his son took over,  the wreckage caused by the latter has been unlike anything else. Houses burnt down,  children kidnapped,  the men and women killed as a result the old ones were slowly consumed by death,  with no one to tend to their care.
Standing in the field near the Western Gate,  where he usually practised magic using his wand  he kept on staring at the red and orange glow in the sky,  which meant there would be good news for them in the near future. Which means he must have found her. He then focus his energy into giving this message to the elders. They must have seen the prediction too yet as their Primus it was his duty to let everyone know.
Now that he passed on the information , next he could focus on creating the spell he wanted to for a long time, for this he couldn’t use his wand. Wizards were most powerful with their wands,  care handed magic was only meant for the Primus. He placed his  wand back on the groove  in his trousers, placed his left hand on his chest and his right hand was raised parallel to the ground,  spreading all his fingers,  he began muttering the spell he heard two centuries back from his father. The withered leaves slowly began drifting,  dust and soil lifted off the ground and gradually started taking the shape of a cyclone.
Just then he heard a shriek behind him,  and with his focus lost things turned back to normal again. His gray eyes turned red with anger. “Why are you here now? ” he hissed coldly.