Happy Birthday to me


I am literally announcing my birthday and all of you are invited to wish me (just kidding ). Twenty one years of struggle on this planet , to make my life better.  Now I wouldn’t be saying that I don’t for others,  but hell in this busy lifestyle its quite difficult to start caring for everyone around me.  I do care for my dad,  aunt and all other living relatives ( sacrificing for ancestors is a complete no-no for me ), my friends.  I am no philanthropist that I have to start sharing with my nosy neighbours who spend half of their time,  criticizing me ( of course that’s back biting) as if I wouldn’t know,  but again I don’t care.  Well if spending time with my pets and feeding the pariah cats and dogs count to some good charity,  then I obviously wouldn’t let that compliment out of my league.
Happy Blogging Everyone. And a BIG. promise to not let down your desires to read more and more of my writing.