Midnight Moon


Walking down the alley I saw the moon,
Shining brightly,  enlightening the road ahead;

Sky full of stars,  the wind carrying mist –
Drops of rain would not be far away.

Gaily I took a sprint, falling at times
Towards you,  to my destination,  where you would wait;

A lot has changed since I last came here.
Mind boggling screams can no longer be heard.

The occassional howls don’t scare me anymore;
Turning has had that effect on me.

Moving around the corner when I see a figure,
Smothering the distance,  with a whirl of wind,  its you

The midnight moon shone brightly to give us our time,
Something we lost,  can be retrieved only by trust.

12 thoughts on “Midnight Moon

  1. You clicked that pic ?

    I like watching the sky very much and I made so many attempts in the last few days to captuee something similar to this, but can’t get anywhere near.

    Liked by 2 people

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