Title: Emancipation: a town tale


The title of the story was chosen aptly,  the main protagonist of the story did emancipate finally.  He got himself free from all sorts of restriction.

It is a fictional story,  about a little town of Assam.  The plot revolves around three leading characters Bankim,  Amrita and Devyanka.  The prologue starts with Bankim entering a coffee shop,  during his lunch break where the owner of the shop had an argument with the manager,  who was later fired from his job. Its here that our protagonist starts narrating his story to the owner in exchange of a few cups of coffee.

In the story Bankim ‘s younger self is like any other teenage boy,  who is infatuated with a girl taking it to be love.  In his case he wasn’t careful enough letting the girl penetrate into his systems. Got deteriorated in his studies started drinking,  smoking out of frustration. He finally gave up the mental torture and broke up with her.  This didn’t lessen the obstacles for him.  After a few days he met another girl , with whom he was in love -at -first -sight.
Suddhabrata  has done a great job in detailing out the scenario of a little town,  though the number of times he used the word small town could be abated. Keeping in mind that the author is just  budding author I would conclude saying if you are into young adult love stories you’ll surely love this one.