Have faith in me


There were moments when I fought with my conscience. My past hadn’t been that great,  though I had loving parents yet there were some big mistakes which I made trusting my heart.  Now I don’t do that anymore.

But the way you kept on staring at me in the airport gave me goosebums in the good way.  My heart  fluttered,  yet I couldn’t trust my insticts. Then when you chose to start a conversation I thought why not open up to a stranger. We would both be moving to our separate ways later that day. So there was nothing to lose. Once we.started talking I poured out everything regarding my past evil deeds and you listened. It felt great not be judged for the first time,  not to be scrutinized.  I thought for a second that we could make out something,  then again you asked me about my latest residence.  But never in my dreams had I thought that you would look me up in the Social networking sites , that you would even consider thinking about me. 

Yet now we have moved on from strangers to lovers and now the parents of two lovely kids.  I had never hoped for so much.  The day we got married and I was about to face your parents I feared my worst,  you calmed me down ” Have faith in me ” you told. Till date I have that faith in you,  when you say “I can handle it “, I know you can,  I believe in you and perhaps always will.