The last hour

This is the sequel to my previous poem Midnight Moon



You asked me to wait,  so I did
I waited long for you,  but not for love –
The feeling has long lost its importance
My mind full of rue and retortion,
Standing here in the dark I can’t see you;
Yet I can smell you,  your body soaked
The blood of my lover now stains your hands –
Never did I say, I love you
Your essence about things were different,
Insanity has now broken all loose ends,
Cannot help unbound my mind;
Only crimson red liquid can help me survive,
May be your blood will purify me in the last hour.

Papa you are my hero


I was only 3 when you made me hold gym rings,
You said I could swing in them and I really did

A toy horse most kids’ admiration,  you bought for me
I rode until I fell,  you asked me to try again,

You raised me like a son
Taught me honesty,  boosted my confindence –

Even when mom left us,  you didn’t break down,
Neither could I, because I wanted to pretend strong;

For you papa our lives had been secure
We never saw obstacles coming our way;

You were always our shield papa,
I never saw hero who could do that.

To be a hero you don’t need gun,
Love and care for the family can make you one.

A wizard’s love

Time for yet another series and this time its from the paranormal world. A world full of mystries and magic.



“Holy Christ “, she cursed a few selected words while bringing her car to a screeching halt.  Things couldn’t go worse , she had blown off her own car and now while she was driving her aunt’s car,  she was about  to hit a man who was crossing the road. From her sitting position she could see the man had a strong built,  he was tall . But since he had his face on the other side and continued towards his unkown destination she couldn’t see his face.  An urge of meeting this man suddenly rose in her mind.   She immediately ran out of the car to pay him some compensation,  can’t afford getting late for the office,  she convinced herself. 
” Excuse me Sir “, as the words left her mouth the person stopped walking and turned to face her.  Color drained off her face “Gerald,  I thought… “,  “that I couldn’t find you ” he cut her off and before she could say something else he brought her to a different realm. The realm of faes, wizards,  witches and other paranormals.

” This ” she took in her surrounding carefully “It’s our new place “, he smiled carefully not letting out much,  lest she tried to run away again. She didn’t look impressed,  her clever eyes trying to find a way
out of here. But there were no escape doors out of this wormhole,  unfortunately this is no wormhole,  it straight away looks like a room from one of those decor  magazines,  typical Gerald way she huffed.
He had been studying her for so and as her eyes met his she could see a terror hidden in them. Mayhap she had missed something.  ” Is it about the prince?” to which her husband nodded.

Stay tuned to read the beginning of a Paranormal saga . I would surely love to get your feedbacks regarding this story.

The Ribbon of love


In the nether world filled with creepy creatures he thought,  she would leave his side;  she was after all a puny human with no super power. Yet, she contradicted him   by standing beside him whenever needed ,  they were bound by the Ribbon of love after all,  which was enough to keep them together. 
Mama had known she would be my equal,  he thought. The queen faery binded them with this ribbon which they could neither tear break an invincible ribbon.

She was his wife according to human standards. She believed him when he said her father tried to assasinate Her and the faery lover took her away from her family. She may not have loved him but trusted him enough to rest her life in his hands.

Trust the first element of love.

Midnight Moon


Walking down the alley I saw the moon,
Shining brightly,  enlightening the road ahead;

Sky full of stars,  the wind carrying mist –
Drops of rain would not be far away.

Gaily I took a sprint, falling at times
Towards you,  to my destination,  where you would wait;

A lot has changed since I last came here.
Mind boggling screams can no longer be heard.

The occassional howls don’t scare me anymore;
Turning has had that effect on me.

Moving around the corner when I see a figure,
Smothering the distance,  with a whirl of wind,  its you

The midnight moon shone brightly to give us our time,
Something we lost,  can be retrieved only by trust.

Interview with the author of Emancipation

Hello readers of Seeking Romance. How are you guys doing?  I think you are doing great because with our books and blogs lying next to us we can never feel depressed.
Anyways today I would like to present the author of Emancipation -A town tale ,Mr.  Suddhabrata Deb Roy.  My heart warming thanks to Mr.Deb Roy to have granted us this interview.


The session begins here: –

1.When did you first start writing?

Ans- I wrote my first story in KG, so i guess, I started writing a longtime ago.

2. Who was your inspiration a family member, or friend or someone else?
You would want to give the credit?

Ans- Books… Yes, the basic inspirations were books and the stories inside me. I used to read a lot of books when I was a kid(even now, I read a lot,its like the only thing which has not changed in all these years) .The thirst for seeing a book with my name printed on it drives me.

3. We heard that you wrote your first novel after passing your senior Secondary exams.  So what was it about?

Ans- It was a novella, not a novel. It was about the corrupt practices which go on unabated in the sports authorities in the small towns.

4. How many novels have you written till date?

Ans- 4 to be exact, three in print, including the latest and one e-book available in Kindle format.

5. Which is your favorite genre in writing?

Ans- Urban fiction. I would love to work on comic books though someday in the future.

6. I read your last book it was a young adult romance called Emancipation.How do you think is it different from other books of the Same genre?

Ans- It is not a romance, it is an urban fiction. It is about  a young guy from a small town who gets trapped in all the ‘wary’ things that happensthere. The main USP of the book is the Raw and Life like description of what goes in and around in those small little ‘nudgy’ towns of India. Those are towns, where, the fruits of capitalism , may it be in terms of the westernization of mentality ( which is at times good and at times bad) , or in terms of technical development, have not yet made their foray into the lives of common people, and the book is all about those people living inthose towns only.

7. What is your favorite hobby (except writing)?

Ans- Reading…

8. You are student of engineering now.  So how much of your time canYou impart for your writing purpose?

Ans- It’s quite irregular. Sometimes, I write on for days, while at othertimes, I don’t write a single word for days.

9. Give us an insight of your favorite character from any of your novels.

Ans- Tanmay from EMANCIPATION-A TOWN TALE, he is passionate, fiery and knows what he wants to do. The fact that he could throw away the luxuries and chase his dreams was the best part of the novel.

10. In future would you like to take writing as your career permanently?
Ans- I will be glad to…

Again we would like to thank you Suddhabrata for spending some of your precious time with us.  Finally best of luck for your future.



Little,  sprinkling droplets,

Flow like a stream

Wash away sorrow,  grief,  miseries of life

Title: Emancipation: a town tale


The title of the story was chosen aptly,  the main protagonist of the story did emancipate finally.  He got himself free from all sorts of restriction.

It is a fictional story,  about a little town of Assam.  The plot revolves around three leading characters Bankim,  Amrita and Devyanka.  The prologue starts with Bankim entering a coffee shop,  during his lunch break where the owner of the shop had an argument with the manager,  who was later fired from his job. Its here that our protagonist starts narrating his story to the owner in exchange of a few cups of coffee.

In the story Bankim ‘s younger self is like any other teenage boy,  who is infatuated with a girl taking it to be love.  In his case he wasn’t careful enough letting the girl penetrate into his systems. Got deteriorated in his studies started drinking,  smoking out of frustration. He finally gave up the mental torture and broke up with her.  This didn’t lessen the obstacles for him.  After a few days he met another girl , with whom he was in love -at -first -sight.
Suddhabrata  has done a great job in detailing out the scenario of a little town,  though the number of times he used the word small town could be abated. Keeping in mind that the author is just  budding author I would conclude saying if you are into young adult love stories you’ll surely love this one.