Difficulties unknown,  surrounds our lives

The path we follow is crux –

Loosely maneuvered decisions created the wall;

Our minds distrustful holds us apart,

Intense sunlight cannot heat up our chilled relation,

It is only us who can fill the void.



74 thoughts on “Reconnect

      1. Actually I am lady with no hair on my head, with a crooked nose and two eyes which seem to bulge out any moment I look downwards. 😂😂😂😂 I am the one in the gravatar. 😃


      2. No, I don´t believe that,, yo are hooooat, di di pop si and i grown up……. anyways since I do tend to flirt, actually not flirt I´m stalker (kind of cool) here you go what I¨m listening and if you don´t like this then you are very weird

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      3. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha! That is what I forgot, yeeeeeeeeeeeeha! is my trademark, specially after having spend 16 days in the hospital and I just got back so that is the reason of the late response

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      4. If you tune in, I´ll probably post it tomorrow if the wi fi Works here, no accident as in a broken leg, just me, the life I live seems to end up in what I have now, man, that was a teese,so stay tuned for tomorrow that I will reveal it

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      5. and keep on waiting and waiting and waiiiiiiiitiiiinggggggggggggggg.

        Not much they found a throbosis or a blood clutter in on of the veins near my heart so I have to inject myself two times in the day with an anti-clutter medicine in my stomach, ( a blood clutter in on of the blood vessels near my heart so I can actually have a heart attack and fucked up) they also found I have the first stage or the last stage better said of my liver getting cirrosis in my liver, almost but if i keep the “life” it is not going to be long to get it, so there it is…..fuck me, I had prepared a grandoise poem all about this when I wrote it in the hospital, you made me say it. Forgot, Plus the páncreas, that one is also screwed up. So who knows, you knnnooooowww?!!!
        Take care beautiful, hold on let me talk slang
        “yo a beautiful babe, that sounds much cooler

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