Interview with the Inspirer

Its been more than a month that I took his interview and as always he has given me the inspiration of patience. This person he has taught me along with many other bloggers,  a lot of things regarding blogging to our daily lives,  unaware though. I am honored to present his interview today,  he’s none other than our Success Inspiring blogging friend Mr.Ngobesing Romanus. Let’s see what he has to say.


My questions for him: –

1.When did you decide to become a writer?

ANSWER:Let me first of all thank you for this interview. I feel honored tobe interviewed by a vibrant blogger like you. I like your assertiveness. Toanswer your question, I started writing when I was a little boy in college.I loved the language courses and literature in school.That enabled me todo well in them. When I read great novels by great writers I thought Icould also write something that could be read and liked by others. Then Istarted writing. When I got encouragement from my teachers and classmates I continued.

2. I heard you were related to the mass media earlier. Can you pleaseshare with us the experience.

ANSWER: I have worked with the Mass Media for many years. I started off my working life as a school teacher and later on I moved to broadcasting.This came after University in 1981. I started broadcasting with theofficial state Radio which later became Radio-Television. I have notstopped broadcasting ever since. I have enjoyed doing it all through. WhatI have done best has been to educate, motivate and inspire people through my radio programs to become the best persons that they can become; to bringout the best in themselves and achieve their dreams.

4. What are you working on at the minute?

ANSWER: I am working on my blog. I have lots of things I want to share with the world. I have unpublished works. Publishing in my country is so difficult. I am very optimistic that my works will get to a wider audience in future even this blog will grow.

5.Where did you grow up? Did the place have any influence on your writing?

ANSWER: I started in my village where I was born. Later, I moved to mynation’s capital where I did university studies; got into journalism school and later started working.  These places shaped me in many ways. Of course,you know that family and friends, and teachers all have an influence ineveryone’s life. I am no exception. In my nation’s capital I strengthened my knowledge of French and I am happy about that. My university friends encouraged me to take up broadcasting which has made me what I am.

6.What books have influenced most of your life?

ANSWER: Self-help books have influenced me the most; books which have helped me to bring out the best in me; books that motivate and inspire me.The very first was “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman VincentPeale. It’s a master piece. It continues to help millions of people the world over. After that I read many other books like”Think and Grow Rich”by Napoleon Hill. This is a man who has transformed many lives. The motivational books I have read are countless. They have made me what I am.

7.Which was your debut novel?

ANSWER: My debut novel it titled “A Loving Woman in Tears”. It is the storyof a woman who ran into so many problems in her marriage because of an irresponsible husband. I hate when men are not responsible and make theirwives suffer in their marital homes. I believe that the home should be aplace of love, peace and comfort not a place of violence. I am very muchagainst domestic violence. For more than a quarter of a century with my spouse, holding hands has never crossed our minds.

8.How much research do you do before writing?

ANSWER: There are some subjects that need more research than others. I have accumulated a lot of ideas over the years. I write on many topics fairly easily because I have worked on them over the years. But each time I am notsure of a topic I must do research. I believe in good preparation if you want to do a good job and research is part of preparation for the writer. A writer who does not do enough research before writing will be shallow. I always tell my friends that a mind that feeds only on itself will soon wither or dry off. We must know what others have thought and said aboutwhat we want to talk about. Knowledge is best built on knowledge.

9. Name any 4 of your favorite authors.

ANSWER: I already mentioned Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon hill, Jack Canfield, and Catherine Ponder.  In the area of novel,drama and poetry I have different names. But you asked only four otherwise in motivational writing I could mention Someone like Robert Schuller, Og Mandino, A.C.Williams.

.10. What are your plans this year?

ANSWER: My plans are to take my blog to a higher level. I want to reach one hundred thousand page views and at least three hundred visitors a day. I am looking forward to the day my blog will go viral.

11. When did you start blogging?

ANSWER: I started blogging on Blogger in October 2012. I did not find iteasy so I decided to try Word Press  in 2014. When I saw I was making ahead-way, I imported my Blogger content but my stats did not come with the posts. Actually I consider this blog to be in its second year. In a few months it shall be fully two years.

Thank you again very much for having me as your guest. I enjoy working withyoung people. You are so full of talent and vibrancy. You are also doing agreat job; and your
writings are good. Keep on. Let only the universe beyour limit.

Seeking Romance is thankful to as well Sir for having given us some of your precious time. We wish you lots of success ahead.


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      1. Instead of a ‘self help’ book where we try to do stuff ourselves with advice from other people, Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking will always lead you back to God. So, He helps us not others. So it is a ‘God help’ book. We are therefore relying on God not on self!

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