Is she hiding something from you?

You are in a relationship for a few years and have taken her for granted. But what if she meets a person who shows more interested in her than you? Have you ever thought of that?  I don’t think so or even if you have,  you may not have had the time to think it over.


Now question no.1 Does she love you?
Hell yeah,  Otherwise she wouldn’t be spending her time with you.

Question no.2 Is she hiding something from you?  Are those her little achievements which she shares with her friends?
Definitely because you are not  interested in them.

So,  the question is why?

At some point in your relationship she might have stopped speaking to you about the important events of her life. If she’s a performer or something,  you definitely should come to know this from the subtle hints she provided,  she might have told you “I’m busy tonight ” .Now don’t take this the other way,  she’s not busy with someone else,  rather its her job keeping her awake till late hours. She’s moving towards success.
And if you ask me why she didn’t spell it out to you -” A woman doesn’t always speak her mind,  man “. You gotta dig it out from




Next comes the phase when a colleague or another friend of her starts praising her (provided  she’s really good with it ). The encouragement she wanted from you,  she gets it from someone else. This is the final chance for you to intervene ans get her back.

What to do —-
1 Get acquainted –
First of all get acquainted with her line of work or whatever she’s interested in. Suppose she’s a small time author or poet,  then you must read her works or follow her blog,  to keep yourself updated about her latest ventures. If she’s in the marketing business you can simply ask her the latest developments going on in her job and her contribution in it.  If you don’t know much about her profession then just ask her about she’ll be happy to fill you in with the tidbits.

2. Talk to her about your profession –
Make it a habit to talk to her about your job. It will keep you stress free.  If you do that she’ll do it too. She’ll be open to about her line of work and Speak to you about her problems .

3. Encouragement –
Now that she’s open to you don’t forget to encourage her during her trials.  Make it a habit for the lifetime. 
Women are mostly introvert, they may never ask for encouragement,  acknowledgement etc. But their partners must give it to them once in a while.


28 thoughts on “Is she hiding something from you?

      1. My personal experience are very little regarding this factor. The person is very expressive at times, I’m more of an introvert between the two of us. Hence a little help would be handy

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      2. Ask the person to tell you 5/10 things he’d like to see you do better. Or, as you wrote, look for the signs. Maybe he’ll struggle with doing that, but it’d be worth it. Remember, don’t ask him to point out your mistakes or vices, just what he’d like you to do better. 😀

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