Was it really my fault?

The first time I told you I had an ex,
You called me a slut –

How passionate had I been for you, those days
Mundane life had passed I thought.

We got married,  it was all a fairy-tale
A messed up life was getting settled.

We got an angel,  you called her my fault
The time you needed was stolen away;

Realization struck me,  you were never sensible,
A beautifully planned life was turning obtrusive;

So deep in love I wouldn’t leave you,
Bearing all the pain and abuse I still loved you

My angel had feared you forever it seemed
Could you not for once love her as you would for a son?

You turned insane ,  nights were  dreadful,
How.did  I tolerate you  for so long? I thought

Decision made, I left you tagging my angel along,
She bloomed that day,  I could see her smile.

You again made me guilty,  so I slapped you,
She clapped and said “Mama it was never your fault. “



23 thoughts on “Was it really my fault?

  1. Wonderful. This small piece of composition speaks a lot of reality and the decision to let go off the ‘bearing all the pain in the name of love’, that move was very well made.

    Sometimes one has to let life make them happy and kill all the bitterness to get their sharpness of sweetness.

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