Was it really my fault?

The first time I told you I had an ex,
You called me a slut –

How passionate had I been for you, those days
Mundane life had passed I thought.

We got married,  it was all a fairy-tale
A messed up life was getting settled.

We got an angel,  you called her my fault
The time you needed was stolen away;

Realization struck me,  you were never sensible,
A beautifully planned life was turning obtrusive;

So deep in love I wouldn’t leave you,
Bearing all the pain and abuse I still loved you

My angel had feared you forever it seemed
Could you not for once love her as you would for a son?

You turned insane ,  nights were  dreadful,
How.did  I tolerate you  for so long? I thought

Decision made, I left you tagging my angel along,
She bloomed that day,  I could see her smile.

You again made me guilty,  so I slapped you,
She clapped and said “Mama it was never your fault. “