Harappa’s Lost Seal -The Seal

Story So Far…
A battle has begun between the Sumerans and Harappas. Chahel thinks it to be an insider who helped the Sumerans inside the Eastern and Western gates. Swahayne can see through the corner of her eyes , a warrior full fledgedly launched an attack on Chahel. Can he survive that?

Chapter 5
” Never use your emotions during a fight “, Bhadrak swung his sword and attacked her from right. “But how can I fight with you papa? ”
“Common girl I have been away for so long “, he pushed her with his left knee and pinned her on the floor, the sword inched from tearing.into  her flesh ” Papa this is cheating “, he chuckled at her innocent accusation. “Remember during a battle don’t hesitate from doing the right thing,  kill your dear ones if you have to, be with the truth “.

A flashback from the past came flooding into her mind. The warrior fighting Chahel was not unknown to her,  but she wasn’t sure if her husband was yet ready to face the truth.


Why do I feel she ‘s close to me? Chahel tripped his sword. He dived in to pick it up while his enemy didn’t waste a moment and stroke him on the right side. The strong armour worn by him, saved his head. Why does she have to be the evil?  His mind kept on playing the words his father told him “She’s your step mother “, Swahayne told him “Its been her all along “. Though he refused to believe them yet now there was no way left,  he would rather fight her than let his family die.
He jumped and with one blow of his sword threw her on the ground.  She spat the soil that gained its way when she fell facing the ground. He then pinned her there pressing his knee to her side. “Remove your helmet “, he bellowed.
His prisoner removed her helmet and sneered at him,  the shock on his face was visible ” How could you Parama Shree “.
“I could never betray my country Sumer,  your father was just a pawn for me “, she laughed . Her breathing rate increased suddenly,  she could no longer laugh her way through. Swahayne had been watching them from a distance. The war would already be over if Dishra cooperated,  the woman will fight till her last breath. In that instant she knew what her mother -in-law had done. She ran smashing bodies with her legs , it seemed to be getting late.  “Parama Chahel,  she has taken poison “, she shouted at the top of her lungs ,Chahel glanced towards her face and back to where Dishra was lying. She ran as fast as she could,  when she reached there,  blood was slowly seeping out of Dishra’s nose and mouth. Lord why couldn’t I do it earlier. Chahel sat there on his knees,  time had stopped,  it seemed.
Chahel couldn’t bring himself to do it,  so she called upon a soldier and asked him to summon Parama Nikunj Adrij immediately.

The battle was over going on for years had been without Dishra,  the Sumerans were no longer powerful against the Harappans. Seconds ticked away before Adrij could reach there,  his face a bloody mess. She couldn’t make out how much was his and which ones belonged to the enemy. “Parama Shree Swahayne,  Parama Chahel “, he bowed down infront of both of them. Chahel had come to his senses now,  he walked upto where Adrij still had his head bowed and placed hisl hand on his brother’s arm “Nikunj Adrij,  Parama Shree is no more “, Adrij had a masked expression. Like any other soldier he wouldn’t cry,  she took the side of his enemy. “I asked her to stay away from the Sumers,  but she didn’t listen “, Adrij’s voice had turned harsh. Then turning towards Swahayne “How did you escape? ” he asked her. “Parama Shree had told me retire in our chamber that nigh. From one of my informants I had already heard of the fire”, then she looked up at him and noticed he had no emotions left for his mother and was more interested in hearing her speak “Parama mustn’t have told you yet but there’s a secret passage connecting our chamber to the river bank, ” “and you followed that he asked her? ” she shrugged. Chahel had been listening to her for quite a while,  but first things first “Parama Shree Dishra’s body must be cremated now and then we can make a rune of her next to Parama Pitrini ‘s rune”.

After cremating her body Adrij asked him if he knew of this earlier “Nikunj, When they suddenly wanted Swahayne here I knew she would be killed soon, So I oredered her to stay in our chambers and after she escaped,  she spent a year near Sumeran borders. There more than once she spotted Parama Shree along with the headpriest. ” Adrij sighed, Why didn’t she listen? “The headpriest must be taken in “, “I have already sent orders for that. ”

“The new metal, Parama Shree told us about seems to be working properly “, the newly elected board members informed him. The head priest’s arrest had stirred chaos among the board members,  so they were removed and a board of only trusted members and younger generation had been elected. “I told she’s the best you can get “, Adrij smiled.

They were celebrating the harvesting festival. The implementation of iron slabs had helped in filling up the leakage. Swahayne had suggested this new metal,  which they dug using her technique. 
Chahel turned around to see the woman of his life walk towards him. In a red Sarong and golden flowing  Skirt , wrapped around her slender waist,  she looked like a Parama Shree instead of a Warrior Woman. On a closer look he saw that her long brown hair was tied to a braid and his mother’s tiara was placed on it. The crowd made way for her.  Just as she reached the raised platform,  where he and other members of the board sat,  she bowed and touched his feet.  There she placed a seal.

Chahel picked it up,  carefully studying it. Laughter around the hall died,  as they watched their leader intently “Isn’t this the Kritrim seal? ” he asked her. She stood up and nodded curtly. “Why are you giving this to me? ”
“You lost your family due to my mistake “, before she could complete, he chuckled “That was never your mistake,  we retreived it back from the headpriest’s chamber, come ” , he motioned her to sit beside him ” From today the sword of Parama Shree Swahayne shall be the new family seal”, he announced his people.  There was laughter and clatter of hands everywhere.
He then took her hand in his “I promise to stand by you for good and for worse “, he then repeated the oath he took during their marriage ” Respect you as my other half.  Love and nurture you till you grow tired and promise not to leave me.” She smiled and completed her part of the oath “I promise never to leave you and I shall always love you the way you are. ”


Pitrini –Father
Kritrim -The warrior family seal

.                    The End.