Kiss your boyfriend goodbye

This is the sequel poem to Dont love me anymore , where a girl tries to break up with her boyfriend because she felt herself to be a traitor,  who tried to stab him at the back though she fell in love with him later. In this poem lets see what her guy has to say about her decision.


Sweetly and perfectly planned charade,
Well,  I’m impressed with it
Now you kiss me goodbye.

I know this is not what you thought –
Turned out life is playing games,
And I won’t listen even if you try.

Persuading me won’t help you;
Least I could do is give you a sweet peck,
I promise later you’ll be happy rather than die.

You made a mistake for me
Yet I know that you love me,  just the way I do
Now don’t shed your tears,  don’t cry

Because baby I’m gonna tie our knots forever,
The choice is mine and leaving is not an option;
So kiss your boyfriend goodbye.

From tomorrow I’ll be your husband,
I shall hold your hands as I grow old,
And I will hold it till I die.