Harappa’s lost seal -A comeback


“Do you think she would risk coming here? ” the head priest asked her. The lady sitting on the divan was tall with fair skin,  which signified her Sumeran personality.
Few decades back she had stealthily entered the fortified city and lured a then widowed noble into marrying her. The Parama of the noble members. Later they had a son who got her looks and inherited his father’s honest character. Now all her plans were about to me diminished due to him. “Dishra? ” the priest called her again trying to gain her attention,  but her mind roamed elsewhere What if Adrij truly helps her?  Her worried face then curved to a smile That would be a turn over for me, she thought out loud “Yashaj I need to go somewhere, ” leaving the confused priest behind she strolled out of his cabin with a new purpose,  she ordered the part driver to take her to the outskirts of the city .

Moving back to the villa after such a long gap gave her both a feeling of excitement and nervousness. All those years without him were not so torturous as the few moments left for her to see him.As the roof top of the villa came into view she urged her stallion to gallop faster.


She noticed that the roads were sturdier now,  than the period his father the Xth Parama ruled thr board. From the time they were kids she had seen him determined to fulfill his father’s dreams.  He had always taken his role seriously except in her case.  As soon as the thought came she shook it out of her mind,  kicking the horse’s hunches to slow down.

Near the stairs she saw Adrij and waved him. The stable boy walked up to her and took the reins of her stallion “He’ll take care of your precious Khanij,  Common on   now “, Adrij motioned her to follow him , she smiled unconsciously “We shouldn’t keep him waiting “, together they climbed the few stairs up to the porch and then moved towards the hall. The man walking ahead of her had fair skin which had tanned down a little unlike his brother’s bronze skin. Once inside the hall she could Chehl pacing the room,  Adrij bowed infront of him “Parama Chehl she’s here “. She slowly walked near the brothers. ” Nikunj Adrij,  you may now leave her here”, he told his brother. Adrij leftover them as asked. The atmosphere turned still as they faced each other. There were a lot of questions to be asked, lot to be said yet none of them could utter a single word.

Nikunj –Younger brother


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