First of all I would like to wish all of you a very happy and prosperous new year.May this year be successful for all of you may your dreams come true.
It’s over a year that I started this blog,  actually the registration was done on December 2015 .But it wasn’t until 1st January that I seriously took upon myself to write an article. The first help that I received in the development process was from Blogging University which has a course for Blogging 101 there I learnt what I should do with my blog , then I joined course after from BU and today I stand with over 100 followers.  Well I am not proud of myself for that I Still got lots to learn from others.  I am glad in a Way that there are few who like my posts. But I am not a very easily contended person so I suppose this year I will work harder and try to give a little more time towards my blog.
My special thanks are to @swathikas who have been a guide and well wisher all along.  When there was none to support me you tried to put on a feedback and for that grateful to you.
I would also like to thank the blogging world for inviting to be a member of their group.  Its a refreshing experience there .
Finally I would love for my readers to put on a word or two about their new year resolutions.