Give my mama back

Me and mom

I really do wish that Santa could bring my mom back to me. Every moment I want to do something it reminds me of her .I don’t know why lord took her away from us so soon.

Oh Santa I wouldn’t ask for anything except,
Bring my Mama back to me –

I’ll be totally under your debt
If you bring her to me.

Tell her how much I miss her caaressing my hair
When she would lie down and whisper soothing words;

All anxiety,  distress, would be out of my care ,
She boosted my confidence,  made move forward. 

I do miss her enough, to get her from Lucifer’s lair;
I don’t know what do without making myself awkward.

Things were not meant to happen this way-
I didn’t know how much I loved her until that day.

Santa promise me that you’ll bring her for me; 
Let us be happy little family,  like we were meant to be.