A Genuine Love

After turning fifty a married couple takes to looking after each other as their first priority (speaking generally ). There are rough times as well as times when they put themselves into a happy bantering. Here I have attempted to present one of those crazy sessions :

A Genuine Love

How could I not compare your eyes with a mirror; 
When they show me the most awful sight I’ve ever seen –

A pair of brown eyes glaring at you,  pursed dried lips,
Wrinkled cheeks,  is all I see

Yet you say, that I got the lovliest face –
Bestowed in me is a divine glow,  increasing my radiance

I know you say this to convince me,  to flatter me,
To get a way out of my claws,  you wish to put me into a trance;

So I allow you to slip,  stealthily to the kitchen,
Get your hands on your favorite tart

Beloved I do this,  not because I’m flattered but
the genuine love that your eyes reflect,  tigs my heart like a love dart.

Apple tart


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