Magical essence

This post is dedicated to those women who were abused, sometime in their lives. They generally want to be independent after such trying times,  but at some point they a shoulder to put their heads on. They need a friend,  a partner whom they can trust forever. 
Magical Essence
I knew you would come, 
Come for some day

And hold me like nothing happened –
On a frightful night,  that day.

You will erase the man and his face from my mind
Who for a long time,  have haunted my dreams;

I know you’ll hold me and coo in my ears, 
While preventing me scream.

You are the magical essence,  writhing under my skin –
You are the one who chose me,  while others were nowhere to be seen.

Now as we take our vows,  caring less for the world
An unknown breeze blows over us , giving me a bliss; 

I know its the beginning of the journey,  of  life hereafter
From hence we go on, being together forever.

A married couple