Long Distance Relationship

Ahoy,  everyone first of all let me announce that every week from now onwards I’ll host a short story writing competition based on any genre except Erotic. The best story will be posted in my blog plus the individual gets to write a guest post. Interested candidates may get further information by clicking on the contact me tab listed in my blog.
Now coming back to today’s topic- LDR . Whenever we think of getting a kind of Utopia comes to our mind. I had always wondered if the same things happen for couples who maintain Long distance relationship or LDR. Do they think of such Utopian places? The answer is simply Yes. We may live miles apart yet our heart will always beat harder for that special someone.  Staying far away keeps the lovers closer than they can imagine,  they get to feel each other’s pain deeply.  I’m not saying this doesn’t happen in other forms of relationship but distance makes everything difficult for both of them. They get to talk rarely,  get to see each other virtually. If one of them gets hurt,  then they’ll not be close enough to soothe their lover’s pain and this makes them care more for each other.

Being in an LDR you have to trust your partner to a greater level. You will also have to keep a check on your partner,  so that they don’t get involved in any sort of infidelity. Love is the best thing that happens to us;  so try to show them that you love them a lot. And never,  I say never again,  blackmail them emotionally. It will cause a void in your relationship which you will not be able to fill up. 

Try to be possessive,  not obsessive Obsession will make things worse for you:  gradually you may lose your sanity to think clearly.  So here’s my little advice:
If you are in an LDR try to have a regular conversation with your partner.  Try to get things out as much as possible,  so that there are no secrets between both of you.  If you get to hear rumors about your partner  , confront them with a cool mind only then you can decide properly.
So this was all about it, I might be wrapping things up in a hurry and if possible I’ll try to continue this topic some other day.  Happy blogging and happy diwali dear friends.