Dark chocolate


I don’t know how much you love chocolates but I love them a lot,  specially dark ones.
Now my dear friends I request you to get some chocolate and be comfortable,  because you’ll be stuck here for the next few minutes.
I present you a very sweet and cute romantic story.
Ashi was returning home after a late night journey.  She badly wanted  no needed some rest.

Boarding off the plane she waited for her husband but he didn’t come he might be busy,  she thought. She then carried her trolley to the car parking area. A few cabs were waiting for customers,  getting the sight of her one of the drivers walked towards her , asking her to get on his cab. She allowed him to carry her trolley and waited inside the cab.  Once inside she called her husband,  because she was missing him;  moreover she had to inform him about her current situation. The phone kept on ringing for sometimes but no one received. So she tried again and this time it was received but instead of her husband’s voice she could hear a lady speaking from the other end.”Hello, ” she wanted to ask about her husband, .but there was no way to do that before she could the woman chuckled “so eager aren’t you honey?  Come let me remove your clothes “. She was sure she would swoon if the conversation went any longer to her ears.
Sitting there on the cab she made a decision – first I’ll kick that slut out  of  his life and then confront him.
Reflecting on her past she got a glimpse of  their first date , she was nervous as hell and kept on babbling the whole time they were there. He had been a complete gentleman,  didn’t even mention that sometimes she lost control over her volume and they got stares from the neighbouring tables. One date turned to other,  days passed and finally after three years he proposed and she what do you she said,  it had to be “Yes”, there was no reason she was the most sought after journalist and he a handsome and confident neurologist. She spent her time mostly outdoors,  but that is a part of her job he knew it before we got married,  then why go for an affair.

A tear dropped down her eyes as she thought of the night before which she left for her mother’s place,  while she was busy packing he had told her how much he loved her, but now everything seems fake.

Her mother suffered from a serious cardiac attack,  so she had to travel all the way from Mumbai to Coimbatore. As soon as the old lady started recovering she sent her daughter packing back for Mumbai. Just then she got a bump on her head,  getting out of the reverie she realized that the car had come to a halt and she hit her head somewhere.  The pain on her head was not much as compared to the turmoil in her heart.  She got out of the cab,  almost slammed the back door, paid her rent and ran towards her family. 
When she reached the door and rang the door bell,  Ashi was halfway expecting a lady wearing a robe would open the door,  instead it was her daughter. As she entered the sitting room,  she was relieved to find that they spared her little angel.So both of them are enjoying somewhere else, she scorned. Gradually moving towards her bedroom she heard someone laughing and that must be her. Enraged she asked her daughter ” are they still in the kitchen?”
” Yes,  mama “.
She hugged and kissed her confused daughter “Stay put , don’t come inside okay “, she told her daughter.
Ashi then stormed towards the kitchen to find a lady and her husband laughing,  they had their back towards her and a faint aroma of chocolate reached her nostrils.  Well that cooled her down a bit and she didn’t pounce on them like she was originally planning to. Ashi walked towards her husband and tapped on his back,  he almost jumped, ” Ah huh caught Ya “, she exclaimed sarcastically.
He couldn’t catch her tone , so he smiled his usual charming one which made her heart flutter ” well no more a surprise then “.
” No “, she said with a poker face.
” So where do you wish to cut the cake? ” he asked.
” Cake?  Which cake? ”
” Your birthday cake silly “, he poked her nose , another one of his habit.

Oh no in all these hassle she forgot about her own birthday,  how could she be so stupid. It happens with most of us ladies because we always keep on thinking that our oh -so- perfect husband can never be so perfect.  Wasting no more time of yours lets move towards the climax.
” Mama,  ” her daughter came laughing towards her ” Papa and Rita Auntie prepared a dark fantasy cake for you “. Until now she hadn’t noticed that the lady standing across was her neighbour Rita. Now all the pieces fit together Rita must have received the call while clothing her toddler son and well the rest was her notion.
Later that night when everyone was asleep she went to her husband and hugged him ” I know how much you despise cooking then why did you take all this trouble? ”
Her husband chuckled “Because I love you and I had promised your mom that I would never allow your smile to be faltered. ”

Thanks all of you for reading this post and may be I’m a little late but Happy Thanksgiving

Long Distance Relationship

Ahoy,  everyone first of all let me announce that every week from now onwards I’ll host a short story writing competition based on any genre except Erotic. The best story will be posted in my blog plus the individual gets to write a guest post. Interested candidates may get further information by clicking on the contact me tab listed in my blog.
Now coming back to today’s topic- LDR . Whenever we think of getting a kind of Utopia comes to our mind. I had always wondered if the same things happen for couples who maintain Long distance relationship or LDR. Do they think of such Utopian places? The answer is simply Yes. We may live miles apart yet our heart will always beat harder for that special someone.  Staying far away keeps the lovers closer than they can imagine,  they get to feel each other’s pain deeply.  I’m not saying this doesn’t happen in other forms of relationship but distance makes everything difficult for both of them. They get to talk rarely,  get to see each other virtually. If one of them gets hurt,  then they’ll not be close enough to soothe their lover’s pain and this makes them care more for each other.

Being in an LDR you have to trust your partner to a greater level. You will also have to keep a check on your partner,  so that they don’t get involved in any sort of infidelity. Love is the best thing that happens to us;  so try to show them that you love them a lot. And never,  I say never again,  blackmail them emotionally. It will cause a void in your relationship which you will not be able to fill up. 

Try to be possessive,  not obsessive Obsession will make things worse for you:  gradually you may lose your sanity to think clearly.  So here’s my little advice:
If you are in an LDR try to have a regular conversation with your partner.  Try to get things out as much as possible,  so that there are no secrets between both of you.  If you get to hear rumors about your partner  , confront them with a cool mind only then you can decide properly.
So this was all about it, I might be wrapping things up in a hurry and if possible I’ll try to continue this topic some other day.  Happy blogging and happy diwali dear friends.