Breakups, Chaos

I am back again., after a gap of ten days almost . This blogging thing feels like an extension for me sometimes. But as addicted as I’m to writing I can’t stop posting in my blog.
Now let me start with today’s topic. I have seen lots of break ups till date and it hurts to see so many couples who once couldn’t be separated now don’t want to see each other. The reason probably is our pride which doesn’t let us see beyond our ego.

“He’s a total egoistic jerk”, I don’t remember exactly how many times I had to bear this ranting from my friend after her break up. We females are generally biased when it comes to men.  Completely agreeing with a woman and whatever she has to say against her husband or boyfriend. We pass on our shoulder for her to lean on while crying her eyes out.
Girls don’t you think that’s just unfair.  I know our friend here feels deceived and justice must be done.  But the poor guy who dumped her would have some reason behind it. To make a decision on this matter we should demand hearing from both parties.  As a counselor its our prime duty. Men unlike most women have the habit of thinking straight.  If they take any decision then its done after long calculative analysis. We on the other hand take any decision with our mind full of doubts. We worry too much about everything and let our emotions dictate the situation,  which makes the condition even worse,  sickening him to the pit and paving the way for a break up. So just be careful before taking any decision.
If you need advice regarding your first date or other stuff you can check out the advice category which will connect you to the posts. Have a good day.

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