Am I going to be victimized again?

In a relationship we do feel sometimes that we’re being victimized. That our partner is getting the most of it and yet we can’t take any actions against them. Love has this sort of attachment which makes us forgive their mistakes,  their level headedness,  their dominance and even the deadly sin which they perform against us. These are the times when we need our friends or siblings. They can think with a head not clouded with love.

If I had to advice in this case I would advice you to speak the matters clearly with him. Boys as much clever they are,  most of the times have to be directed. They may think that they are doing the right thing,  which they’re not. So just talk to them without any arguments and in some cases you too might be wrong.  Just let them know how you feel,  he’ll surely understand.
But if he doesn’t then you might need a counselor who will be able to explain both of you more about this relationship thing.
Never give up.

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