Understanding a basic element of relationship

Every relation has its own flaws and we do overcome using our own ways. One of that is understanding,  both partners in a relationship must have some understanding.  If we to do something then our partner must try to understand that , it was done for the welfare of everyone. 

A relationship must always be a we and not an I. The decisions should always be taken together and if for some purpose one of you had to take it alone,  then the other must co-operate instead of boss ying around on their partner.
You do trust each other and that’s why you are together and along with it if there’s some understanding then your relationship really has got a chance in life ahead. 
If your boyfriend or girlfriend for an instance lied to you,  at that that moment instead of being angry try to understand why they did that. If we truly love someone its not easy for us to deceive them and if by chance the deed is done then please give them a chance and try to find a solution which will strengthen your relation and not break it. 
Have a good luck with your relation.

10 thoughts on “Understanding a basic element of relationship

  1. Yes an unbalanced relationship can be tough.But it can work out if both parties are willing to grow through the challenges. Good thoughts.


  2. Hello Melo ( rhymes doesn’t it? )
    I like the idea that good relationships are based on mutual understanding. We must not let our differences come in the way and rather focus on similarities. This is the way to peace and love.

    Nice work. Keep it up.


    1. Thanks , though I am not an expert in these relationship things but I write whatever I feel . Sometimes I see a couple breaking after a long term , I feel pity for them. Only if things would go right with them or they would make it right then that wouldnt be the consequence


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