How I came up with characters Zack and Sara?

Today’s task is to write post for some imaginary reader. I thought since I may never get the chance to speak about the lead characters of my novella,  so why not write this to a reader who is a creation of my mind.
First let me start with the female protagonist Sara Aaland. One day while watching a sensational news where a female journalist was being harshly  pushed away from the path of a businessman I thought that she has to be stronger to retain her job and then the character developed in my mind gradually.  I have this habit of conversing with my characters,  just mind conversation you know. The character developed into strong,  intelligent and a little romantic lady.
Now I needed the male protagonist. As the female was a strong willed lady,  so her love interest must be someone who could adjust to her necessities. The man must be a spoiled brat,  and he should be handsome, don’t forget about his pride.  He has that as well. Now both the lead characters were ready but the others had to be developed equally which I developed throughout the story 

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