Friday Poetry Time#5

The poem that we will discuss today was written by a poetess whose love life was full of controversies. She was Emily Dickinson. Born as an American her ancestors were English. She had a successful family and introverted life. Though she has been linked to many gentlemen, yet the one quite popular of them was Judge Otis Phillips Lord. Mr.and Mrs. Lord were family friends and after Mrs. Elizabeth Lord deceased her husband got even closer to the Dickinson family. Emily Dickinson had three of her letters to some Master but till none could be found suitable as her master. Let’s not go more into her life and start our discussion on the poem Heart, we will forget him


In this poem “Heart” has been used as personification. A rhyme scheme of xaxa is found. The poetess is trying very hard to forget her lover. Her lover must be someone with a good heart, whom she is trying to forget. But all her trials seem futile, because she asks her heart to make haste otherwise she will not be able to forget him. She loves him a lot and that’s why it is getting difficult for her to forget the person.