Am I going to be victimized again?

In a relationship we do feel sometimes that we’re being victimized. That our partner is getting the most of it and yet we can’t take any actions against them. Love has this sort of attachment which makes us forgive their mistakes,  their level headedness,  their dominance and even the deadly sin which they perform against us. These are the times when we need our friends or siblings. They can think with a head not clouded with love.

If I had to advice in this case I would advice you to speak the matters clearly with him. Boys as much clever they are,  most of the times have to be directed. They may think that they are doing the right thing,  which they’re not. So just talk to them without any arguments and in some cases you too might be wrong.  Just let them know how you feel,  he’ll surely understand.
But if he doesn’t then you might need a counselor who will be able to explain both of you more about this relationship thing.
Never give up.

Half way through

I don’t know whether I it’s easy to fall in love with a person already know or with a stranger. If I had to answer I would choose a stranger. Mainly because he’ll have an open mind and will try to understand me pointing out the faults and the divinity within me. While listening to him we too should keep an open mind. He may speak up something unexpected,  we shouldn’t let that get into us because whatever it is we do love the person.
Many of us have an unstable mind after being in relationship for a few days you may think that you can’t continue. The day you think that try to reason yourself for which you so dearly want to leave him or her. This will ease your dillema.

Blogger Recognition Award


I am overwhelmed with joy for being nominated by a prosperous fellow blogger Deb for this award. It really makes me happy because she nominated me,  who is still a newbie in the blogosphere. Do visit her blog,  I’m sure you’ll learn lots from her.
Here are the rules for this award:

1.Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.

2.You cannot nominate yourself or the person who has nominated you
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How my blog started:
I had heard about this blogging thing two years back. Initially I couldn’t understand what it is,  until last year when I got a writer’s block.
For those who don’t know much about me, I am a short story writer. Last year while researching on a story I checked out one of my fellow author’s blogging site . I took it to be a website but later after enquiring her about it,  I got a clear check on this topic. Much later after that during new year I started blogging. 🙂

Advice to new bloggers

1.Write from your heart, write honestly, be true to yourself.

2.Follow every blog that “likes” your posts and visit their sites too, it will give you ideas for your own.

3.Visit many sites, leave comments and follow them, you will learn so much

4.Accept awards, be grateful and have fun!
5. If you want followers don’t stop writing. The day you stop writing,  they stop following you.

6. Write on topics which capture people’s attention otherwise write something which captures your attention.

The nominees are:
1.Colette B
4. Musaodhiambo
Congratulations to all those who have been nominated and the ones whose names have not been mentioned please don’t be sad because your hard work will be rewarded someday.

Liebster Award


I am very happy today that two of my dear friends Xiaohuamaobiji and sagittariusmoon75 have nominated me for the Liebster award.  Please visit their blogs they are two wonderful people running inspirational blogs.

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1. If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?

-To snowy hill station of Shimla. Its too hot here now and quite difficult to stay outside😁 .Seriously it would be Shimla.

2. What is the simplest thing that makes you smile?

I don’t know I have this crazy habit of smiling every moment,  except when I’m angry. I exactly have no idea what makes me smile.

3. What do you like about your hometown?

The city is surrounded by hills and there’s this mighty river Brahmaputra which adds to the scenic beauty. I love the people here,  they are very friendly.
4. What is the best meal you can prepare?

I would say plain Khichdi,  that’s the only dish I can prepare without asking Mama for the spices.

5. What’s your favorite chore to do at home?

Organizing and arranging things into place.
6. What’s your favorite book?

Since I am crazy about romance novels and a huge fan of Jane Austen. So it will definitely be Lizzie and Mr. Darcy’s Pride and Prejudice.

7. What’s the very first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

It’s hard to believe though ,  I think I will share half of it with my parents and rest will be safe with me.

8. What’s your favorite fruit or vegetable?

9. How many times have you fallen in love?
Once and forever with my man.

10. What was your favorite game or toy as a child?

Hide and seek

11. What’s your favorite beverage?

A cappuccino coffee

With the 11 questions posed to you, my nominees are :
1. I blog for us
2.Eccentric Soul
3.On the road again
4.A wandering woman’s travels
Congratulations everyone !

Inter religious relationships in India

In a country which is a hub of various religions you would be surprised to know that there are very few families which accepts such relations. Falling in love is not the only thing necessary for a relationship running.  Being always the caring ones,  we Indians are bound to think of our society’s honour.  If we fall in love with a person who doesn’t belong to our religion,  we are immediately advised to terminate that or are forced to elope,  that is if we agree towards a marriage. 

Just because we have different culture or religion doesn’t make it right to prohibit a relationship between the different groups of people.  Here I am talking about the common people not of the elite society.  Our people can be considered ignorant but this ignorance sometimes turns violent and scenes from Romeo and Juliet come out live. There had been many such cases in the past. Now,  don’t we always say that we shouldn’t dig out the past, even in the present century the situations haven’t developed much. Let’s says I am a Hindu girlfriend and fell in love with a Christian boy,  when I introduce him to my family it will take all their strength not to throw both of us out of the house. This doesn’t mean that they will agree instead all my connections to the outer world may be cut off and whenever I go to college or somewhere else,  my brother or some other relative will accompany there to fight him off.
My question to you is if this thing is such a taboo then why do you allow them to get acquainted with us? If you care about me then do care for him as well for he is hurting too.  

Understanding a basic element of relationship

Every relation has its own flaws and we do overcome using our own ways. One of that is understanding,  both partners in a relationship must have some understanding.  If we to do something then our partner must try to understand that , it was done for the welfare of everyone. 

A relationship must always be a we and not an I. The decisions should always be taken together and if for some purpose one of you had to take it alone,  then the other must co-operate instead of boss ying around on their partner.
You do trust each other and that’s why you are together and along with it if there’s some understanding then your relationship really has got a chance in life ahead. 
If your boyfriend or girlfriend for an instance lied to you,  at that that moment instead of being angry try to understand why they did that. If we truly love someone its not easy for us to deceive them and if by chance the deed is done then please give them a chance and try to find a solution which will strengthen your relation and not break it. 
Have a good luck with your relation.

How I came up with characters Zack and Sara?

Today’s task is to write post for some imaginary reader. I thought since I may never get the chance to speak about the lead characters of my novella,  so why not write this to a reader who is a creation of my mind.
First let me start with the female protagonist Sara Aaland. One day while watching a sensational news where a female journalist was being harshly  pushed away from the path of a businessman I thought that she has to be stronger to retain her job and then the character developed in my mind gradually.  I have this habit of conversing with my characters,  just mind conversation you know. The character developed into strong,  intelligent and a little romantic lady.
Now I needed the male protagonist. As the female was a strong willed lady,  so her love interest must be someone who could adjust to her necessities. The man must be a spoiled brat,  and he should be handsome, don’t forget about his pride.  He has that as well. Now both the lead characters were ready but the others had to be developed equally which I developed throughout the story 

Who am I?

Writing this again after 6 months,  just seems to change my attitude. Well I was a newbie before 6 months and now I can’t actually say I’m a beginner still,  a little matured than that I suppose. My blog is all about romance.  The situations we have to deal with when we are in a relationship and the way our family reacts to that,  I write about that. I advice people on how to maintain a long-term relationship,  even though myself I have had very few chances to do that.

Real life is totally different from what we read in fictions , its not the good wins over the evil.  There are situation where the match is a draw and we have to adjust to that. Relations are similar we can’t expect the other person to always understand whatever we mean to say so what we need to do is cope up with that somehow. The thing we should remember is if we love the person who is being a total jerk right now that we must have seen something in him according to our liking. 

I am here for the same reason you are here, to express my thoughts,  feelings without any interruption.  I want to shout out loud without anyone giving me their peace of mind.  Of course you can give your opinions but I’m free to speak following a little protocol. 

Will your parents understand about your love relationship?

It’s quite a difficult question to answer. Most of the Indian  parents till date follow the old tradition of arranged marriage. Love marriage may be allowed within people of intra or inter caste but not outside that. Dating for many of them is still a foreign idea. If their child is in a romantic relationship then their freedom would be carried away in most of the cases and if not that then our parents politely convince us to break up with our partner. The common reason is that you are still a child and you don’t know what is love and for your information you  may be thirty but still a child. There are many teens or other individuals who like to share their feelings with their parents,  the relationship thing they have to be discreet about it, why? Because the parents will very unlikely understand it. 
This is an advice for the Indian parents –
1. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend is not bad when your child is in their late teens because by then they are matured enough to understand what is good or bad for them.
2. Don’t you worry that they will degrade their career for this because those who are sincere will understand that if you are without a career no one’s gonna care for you.
3. If they somehow happen to disclose about their relationship then take it as your chance to get information about your child’s love interest,  get them speaking to you about how they feel for the relationship.
4. Once you are done enquiring now its your time to decide whether their partners are good for them or not and if the person they are dating are not up to your mark then politely advice them what to do,  but don’t force which will only create distance between you and your child.
Finally I can conclude saying that if your child is an adult and has a boyfriend or girlfriend that means they do need some some privacy,  so please try to give them that and DON’T  keep on prying in their business because when they are ready,  they’ll speak to you,  give them some time.
As always I would like to hear opinions from my friends and readers regarding this issue.

Friday Poetry Time#5

The poem that we will discuss today was written by a poetess whose love life was full of controversies. She was Emily Dickinson. Born as an American her ancestors were English. She had a successful family and introverted life. Though she has been linked to many gentlemen, yet the one quite popular of them was Judge Otis Phillips Lord. Mr.and Mrs. Lord were family friends and after Mrs. Elizabeth Lord deceased her husband got even closer to the Dickinson family. Emily Dickinson had three of her letters to some Master but till none could be found suitable as her master. Let’s not go more into her life and start our discussion on the poem Heart, we will forget him


In this poem “Heart” has been used as personification. A rhyme scheme of xaxa is found. The poetess is trying very hard to forget her lover. Her lover must be someone with a good heart, whom she is trying to forget. But all her trials seem futile, because she asks her heart to make haste otherwise she will not be able to forget him. She loves him a lot and that’s why it is getting difficult for her to forget the person.