Poetry Time Friday #4

Today the poem that we will be discussing here was written by Robert Browning. Browning was born in Walwarth in the parish of Camberwell Surrey,  South London.  He was from a very wealthy family and his father had huge collection of books in his personal library, so it can be said that he had
significant literary resources.
Robert’s inspiration for romantic poems was his wife Elizabeth B. Browning. She was a poet herself.  She had written a great deal of romantic poems herself and was also the composer of Aurora Leigh. She was six years his senior yet their love lasted for lifetime. 
The Meeting at Night was written by Robert Browning while courting Elizabeth in 1845 and later they eloped in 1846 because her father was against their marriage.


The poem is very colorful and it also consists of imageries. When the poet speaks of Grey Sea,  Black Land or yellow half moon he is motioning us towards a colorful landscape.  ” Miles of warm sea scented beach ” or “fiery ringlets from their sleep ” are imageries.  The poem also consists of a rhyming scheme of abccba. Check out the last word of first and last line of any stanza and then the last word of second and fifth line, finally that of third and fourth line. All these words rhyme with each other.
In the first stanza the poet describes the landscape near a beach on a half moon night and the way the waves leap at each other helps his ship to reach his destination faster.
In the second stanza he explained the way he crossed the beach and fields to reach his lover’s farm. After having reached there he lightly tapped on her window pane and then may be she heard him because he immediately heard a screeching sound. Then a lamp was lit with a match stick.
There was silence everywhere. Though meeting his lover brought him some joy,  he was afraid,  perhaps of being watched by someone. But the fear couldn’t hold its place because they were too much happy to meet each other finally.