Do we really know what is love?

I should confess in the beginning that I’m still not sure what is love. I can’t define it.

Woman in love

Below I’ll mention an incident which might clarify our doubt a little:
It has been three years since my break up with him and until  yesterday it was difficult for me to keep his thoughts aside. We were friends from kindergarten to high school and then our relationship changed to a higher level. He proposed me and because I had a crush on him I accept with eagerness. We were teenagers,  trying to fit ourselves into the real world and dealing with all the other problems proved to be a feat. One day he simply stopped talking , I called,  sent him messages but he didn’t reply. This I did for almost two weeks and then I left hope. 
From that day onwards I decided never to cry for a man,  they don’t deserve it. Career was the only thing I focussed on and well had to two or three casual relationships , which would last for a week or so but nothing serious.  But fate has its own plans.  Last year I met a guy and we have been friends since.  He proposed four back and I accepted informing him that I don’t believe in love and I’m just infatuated. I have been reminding him the same thing since that day.  He is a man of action.  A generous,  wise and intellectual person.  Showers me with loads of love. It was difficult for me not fall for him.  I have a heart which was shielded and he made me unveil that for me. Yesterday I was talking with him when I received a message. I asked him to hold , he did that while I checked the message,  it was from my ex greeting me a good evening in his old friendly tone.  I replied him back with as much enthusiasm as possible and wished him good luck for future.  I don’t know how I was able to do that.  Once whom I thought looked like a Greek God now he seemed more a lanky person with color gone from his skin and for whom I cried so much so that my eyes would be puffy in the morning,  I couldn’t say him anything.  I just felt that my soul was left free to roam again.  And then realized whatever I thought as love was never love it was a mere infatuation and the only reason I could forgive him is because I never loved him and have nothing against him.

Love gives us many lessons in life and this was one such example.  If you have any real life incident as this please feel free to share.  I’ll be waiting 💚💚💚

2 thoughts on “Do we really know what is love?

  1. I think we fall in and out of love all our lives. It’s when the other person fights to keep that love with the same eagerness, joy and acceptance that you do, for them, that it endures. I guess this is why they say, Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing.

    I am glad you were able to let go of the old hurts and allow this love you have, now, to bloom. Great post.


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