Poetry Time Friday# 2

Today we are going to discuss the poem A Thing Of Beauty by John Keats. Keats was a romantic poet,  his poems were based on romance. A Thing Of Beauty is a poem from Endymion. To understand the poets thoughts in this poem we should first know about his life. Keats was a romantic person in nature and his love interest had been Fanny Brawn. If you think they had a happily ever after thing then you’re wrong. Though they got engaged but marriage was not possible because Keats died too early of Tuberculosis and a few years later Fanny got married  and latter Keats’s letters to Fanny were published. image In this poem the poet tries to bring out the beauty in everything. We do know beauty lies in the eyes of the viewer so if a thing is beautiful for us,  it may not be beautiful for others. But there is beauty everywhere waiting to be discovered. When he says

A thing of beauty is joy forever


he means it’s eternal beauty. A beautiful always provides comfort to Our eyes and a horrid thing may turn us sick. Friends I told you how much I could. Keats was a great poet and discussing his poems is just like breaking ones own heads. So if you have anything to say regarding this pass on your comments.