How to win your love back?

If you want to win your love back that means you must have had a break up first,  the reason for which can be numerous. Here I won’t go mapping  the reasons because our focus is to get your love back.Another important thing that I must tell you is that in this post the one you have to win back is your girlfriend,  since I don’t have much idea about male psychology and is more familiar with females. Whatever advises have been given here are based on real life experience and don’t think it’s from personal agenda because I have the habit of melting down whenever my special someone tries to talk me into anything. Well here we can’t go into side tracks can we.Our main course was fixing your relationship,  so I was saying that I’ve seen many of my friends going back to boyfriends after a brief disagreement or guy friends getting their girlfriends back. When I asked them they told me a few of their tricks. I can’t guarantee you that these methods will work, but there are chances that it may work and why not give it a try if you tried everything else already? So,  here it is:-

1. Sorry message –Just after you came to know that your girlfriend is angry with you for a particular reason send her a message asking forgiveness. This works when she is least angry with you.


2.Send her a gift –If your girlfriend is very angry with you and is not ready to listen to any of your pleas then send her a gift. It may vary from flowers to card or her favorite chocolate or a book,  even a dress if you want to give her something expensive.


3. Call her – Sending her gifts may melt her a little and this will be sole chance to talk her into meeting you. At the beginning she may not receive your calls. But don’t lose hope give her time to cool down and call her again. She must answer the phone now and if she doesn’t then dude I can say only one thing yours is a lost case.

4.Meet her –If you have convinced her to meet you then be brave enough to tell her the truth,whenever she asks you something. If you keep on giving her fake stories then you’ll only complicate the issue which is something we don’t want so tell her whatever she wants to know.

5.Commitment –Make a commitment and vow to stick to her .Commitments help in long term relationship.

6.Be patient –Patience is important for any relationship to last long. One or other partner must always have some patience and tolerance.

If all these methods doesn’t work then give her sometime to get her senses back,  she’ll surely come running to you (well not literally ), if she truly loves you,  that is.Otherwise you can take some time off and get back into business find someone else who will love you for yourself. In romance we always believe in true mates,  so you just need to wait to get her.
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