7 things to be kept on mind for your first date?

Your behavior on the first date helps in deciding the span of your relationship. If you behave remarkably well then the first may turn into second -third and many more dates. But if you tried something abusive then your first date may turn into a horrid dream .And this is not only about dates because our behavior showcases our character wherever we go. Since the first impression is the last impression so we would obviously want to be on our best on our first date.
Below I’ve mentioned a few things for girls to keep in mind on their first date. Before getting into that I must mention that the advises given here are for people looking forward to serious relationships not casual hookups.
1.Dressing – Your dressing style says a lot about your character. So for the first date you wear something which is not too revealing, yet elegant because girl you are going for a date, not to get laid. Let your hair be done by some stylist or if you can do it on your own its well and good.

2.Talk Casual – Keep the conversation mostly into topics of your comfort zone. That would help you maintain pace with him, otherwise you would have to sit there like a bimbo. I don’t think you would want him doubting your intellect.

3.Don’t be a braggart –Don’t be all I , me and myself. Allow him to speak,  try to know his likes and dislikes this will make him think that you generously care for him.

4.Kissing -Kissing the love partner has turned into a tradition of the society but you,  will not let him do that. I try to maintain a 3-dates rule, some of us may have 2-dates but don’t and I mean Don’t let him kiss you on the first date. This will make him feel that you are too easy.


5.Dont be too cold –You might be thinking that should I let him hold me or not? My answer to this is yes let him hold your hand. Otherwise he may feel you’re too cold which is not good either.


6.Bills – You’re On a date and you don’t eat anything that’s quite rare.

So, when you’re done munching your favorite items, don’t go all feminist and pay the bill. If you do that you’ll shoot straight through his male ego and we don’t want that happening do we? So let him pay the first and then you can give him a treat on your second or third date, of course if you continue,  that is.

7. Farewell. –Now,  be a good girl and let him drop you to your home. If he is a gentleman he’ll surely do that and not leave you standing there outside the restaurant or diner or wherever you went. And as a reward of his gentlemanly behavior you may give him a peck on the cheek.

Sorry message

Dear friends I’m very sorry that I couldn’t keep up with my word of Friday poetry. As you know I’m still a student and it was quite difficult for me yesterday to sneak some time for my blog. I have got exams this week and I suppose you wouldn’t be disappointed the week after this. Happy blogging everyone.

‘Serious Relationship ‘ is it that important?

During our teenage years infatuation, lust plays an important role in moulding our thoughts. At that period of time a mere lust or infatuation for the opposite sex is thought to be love. We tend to spend more and more time with the person we are supposed to be in love. So, particularly the teens who maintain relationship with their boyfriend or girlfriend lose their concentration in anything else except their relation. And after a few days of moving around they need to get a break,  probably because they are fickle minded and thought about the same thing day in and out. Getting a break or ‘break up ‘ as it is called may result in deterioration of studies,  loneliness due to their ideology in cutting off their parents and friends from the present situation.

They let a few days or weeks or months go by and then move out in search of another love interest. After getting a new partner showing off takes a few days and if by chance their ex-partners come to know of this situation they tend to find a better girlfriend or boyfriend,  in some cases for girls they spend their days weeping. Gradually changing partners becomes a tend and the situation gets so worse that they feel suffocated if they don’t change their partner within a week or so. Turning into a series of relationship.
Finally when they grow older and are asked to marry they hesitate  due to their doubt in their doubt in themselves

Will I be able to love her

or vice-versa in case of girls.

Until and unless someone is in a serious relationship they don’t understand its value. You may have a family and lots of friends but you cannot share all your feelings with them.


With your partners you can share whatever you feel and you always find them by your side when you need them. May be not exactly at the moment but they do try to reach you whenever possible. Being able to talk to someone in a pensive state can be of much relief. Though serious relations have their own problems like taking up responsibilities,  sharing the workload etc,  yet in those days you’ll enjoy being with them.In the midst of all the dangers,  trying to possess her,  she feels protected by him. How do you think does this feeling arise?  Its because of your closeness or the connection of your mind with her. You may feel like being in hell,  yet when you open your eyes and look at her you’ll find an easiness within you, gradually all the problems fading away. That’s all you would want in a lifetime. You might be a billionaire but if you don’t have anyone standing for you in the doorway,  in the long run you wouldn’t want all that money. Would you?  You would still want someone you can grow old with.
Do you still want casual relationships?

How to win your love back?

If you want to win your love back that means you must have had a break up first,  the reason for which can be numerous. Here I won’t go mapping  the reasons because our focus is to get your love back.Another important thing that I must tell you is that in this post the one you have to win back is your girlfriend,  since I don’t have much idea about male psychology and is more familiar with females. Whatever advises have been given here are based on real life experience and don’t think it’s from personal agenda because I have the habit of melting down whenever my special someone tries to talk me into anything. Well here we can’t go into side tracks can we.Our main course was fixing your relationship,  so I was saying that I’ve seen many of my friends going back to boyfriends after a brief disagreement or guy friends getting their girlfriends back. When I asked them they told me a few of their tricks. I can’t guarantee you that these methods will work, but there are chances that it may work and why not give it a try if you tried everything else already? So,  here it is:-

1. Sorry message –Just after you came to know that your girlfriend is angry with you for a particular reason send her a message asking forgiveness. This works when she is least angry with you.


2.Send her a gift –If your girlfriend is very angry with you and is not ready to listen to any of your pleas then send her a gift. It may vary from flowers to card or her favorite chocolate or a book,  even a dress if you want to give her something expensive.


3. Call her – Sending her gifts may melt her a little and this will be sole chance to talk her into meeting you. At the beginning she may not receive your calls. But don’t lose hope give her time to cool down and call her again. She must answer the phone now and if she doesn’t then dude I can say only one thing yours is a lost case.

4.Meet her –If you have convinced her to meet you then be brave enough to tell her the truth,whenever she asks you something. If you keep on giving her fake stories then you’ll only complicate the issue which is something we don’t want so tell her whatever she wants to know.

5.Commitment –Make a commitment and vow to stick to her .Commitments help in long term relationship.

6.Be patient –Patience is important for any relationship to last long. One or other partner must always have some patience and tolerance.

If all these methods doesn’t work then give her sometime to get her senses back,  she’ll surely come running to you (well not literally ), if she truly loves you,  that is.Otherwise you can take some time off and get back into business find someone else who will love you for yourself. In romance we always believe in true mates,  so you just need to wait to get her.
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Poetry time Friday #1


Well this one was for a surprise. From now onwards, Fridays would be days for poetry discussion.
I am not a critique which is known to all of you. But what I’ll really do here is try to pick out a few characteristics of the poem and try to discuss it with you.
People nowadays are more prone to reading prose than poetry( one of them being myself ). So

due to that writers even if they have a talent in writing poetry they choose prose instead of that only a few brave soldiers try their mighty pens in poetry.

In this poetry section I’ll try to cover up collections of poems ( only in languages which I can understand ).
Today I chose to discuss the poem At Last by Elizabeth Akers Allen.


I can’t say that I’ve read this poem a lot but I did read it twice because it was worth noticing. Though I’m not much fond of poetry,  yet this one found a connection to my heart.Perhaps the words used here were understandable. I must say that I dont have a huge collection of vocabulary and whenever I’m studying a piece if I have to look up the dictionary within break of 10 seconds, then I prefer to study something else instead of that.

About the poem:
The rhyme and rhythm of the poem brings a lyrical sense to it. It starts with brightness, optimism when the lovers are finally united. Though they have grown old still they loved each other and nothing could stop them from being united. There is a popular belief where it is said that if you truly love someone then not even time can set you apart and this belief has been reflected in this poem.
In a romantic sense the lovers as always unite at the end, no matter how much pain they have to endure. Otherwise that’s not the end of the story and the story would be more of a love story than of romance genre,well in this case its a poem.
REMEMBER its a discussion and
A discussion is never one sided. So I would like my readers to focus on points which I haven’t discussed here and also counteract my thoughts if you want.

7 ways to show her your love

Don’t know whether she will accept this or not. Can’t she at least tell me that she needs a gift

For those who have their attitude pitched up like this. Be ready to keep your status single for a lifetime because if you want someone to love you, you’ll have to love her back. And just saying I love you sometimes doesn’t help your relationship. For that you’ll have to work a little harder. I know that you cannot read her mind and neither you are a fantasy hero where the prince charming sweeped the princess off her feet and kissed her right there.It’s real life where we deal with Real people and their emotions. IF a girl loves a boy then she makes way for her into her life and same is the case with a boy. But the way you do it for her and she does it for affects your relationship in a positive or negative way. For a relationship to last long you have to do a few things her way and she has to a few things your way.
Here I have provided 7 ways through which you can make her feel your love:
1. Surprise –Try to surprise your love interest whenever possible. Girls love surprises and it helps in keeping your relationship evergreen.


2.Make her a part of your life – Try to include her in your regular activities or other miscellaneous ones. Make her a part of your adventures, parties as well as grievance. Don’t just shut her otherwise your relationship may fall a victim to her wrath.

3.Be with her – There may be a situation when she says that she doesn’t want you or need you,  then dont leave her just like that to fight her battle alone.Give her the most needed push and then you’ll see the way she blows you out,  but she’ll surely share the issue with you and if all this doesn’t work then allot her some time when she can think clearly.  Don’t forget that she loves you and you felt it too.


4. Spend your time with her- Try to spend as much as possible time with her.You may shower with expensive gifts but that would be incomparable to the time you share with her.

5.Always respond to her- If you couldn’t check her on time, then at least make an effort to contact her as soon as possible. This will make her feel the way you are concerned for her.

6.Faith – Trust, believe,  faith, love these are interrelated words .All these values are very important for any relationship. If any of these is lost then your relationship may also take the route to he’ll.

7. Finally I would say love her as much as you want. Love can never be measured. So don’t love her more or less just love her forever.

These advices or methods whatever you call them can be followed only to a certain extent.Its not necessary for you to go through all of them at once. She might simply be happy with a little surprise or just by feeling your trust for her or might not be happy at all. Those who are never happy should be left aside in the long run. Well the most important and least expensive thing that you can do is try to be happy so that she’ll be happy. My friends and followers this is my first post after the blogs reformation I would definitely like to hear from you about this post.

Change of title

All of you must have been wondering why I changed the title of my blog from “India and Indians” to “Seeking Romance”. I can give you two reasons for that –
We should always do things which we love to do.Recently I discovered that I love writing about romance much more than writing about my country.This is the first reason and the second one is that I started facing writer’s block .With that theme I couldn’t get any further, didn’t feel passionate for it.
Now you may think that if I lost the passion with my previous title then it is possible to lose it again. And I have to say that you are right. Very few things and people are static in this world and I’m definitely not one of them. To assure you I can say that whatever content I chose you’ll be happy to read it . People followed my blog because they had faith in me.
Moving in a straight path towards a definite goal is awesome but don’t you think its a bit regular. What if we choose a goal and then move along a route which is not quite known, something which has hidden surprises.  Surprises may lead to challenges. And I won’t be wrong if I say that most of you out here specially the bloggers like challenges because writing a blog itself is a challenge.


Next lets move towards the contents that the reformed blog will cover for two months –

JUNESince its the month of reformation .The contents will be advices for lovers ( 7 ways to show her your love, Ways to win your love back, How to behave on your first date)
JULYDiscussion on various characters of romance novels.

This was all about the questionnaire and reasoning.I tried to give you my reasons because as readers or followers you deserve it first. If you have any more queries then,  please put them up I’ll try to answer all of them. There’s one more thing if any one of you had gone through such reformation as mine then, I would like to hear it from you.