Mother-an epitome of love

As usual I’m the one who is late to wish my mom a happy mother’s day. Every day is happy for us unless I get into a fight with her and promise not to talk to her. But because of my poor memory I generally turn out to be the one talking first and like an understanding mother she doesn’t remind me of our earlier conversation. Here I have written a poem as a tribute for all the things she provided me with starting from the time she brought me to this world:-

Nothing in the world could ever make me happy,
None could say what I really wanted ,except you
They left me alone to my worries, without caring to turn back once
But you were always there for me.
How can you be so selfless mama?
Caring for me and family all the while
Sacrificing your happiness for ours,
What makes you so strong,so patient?
Wish I could understand how?
Bringing us joy, makes you feel good
When you are not the receiving
Instead its us selfish creature who can’t spend a bit of tie for you
I hope one day I can be like you,
Giving you and family all the happiness that you deserve
Caring for my family’s health more than mine,
Foremost all giving you the time that lost in my growing years.