Rongali Bihu

Rongali or Bohag bihu is a harvesting festival. It is celebrated in Assam. Bihu is originally of three types-Bohag bihu, kangali bihu, Magh bihu.
The Rongali bihu is celebrated for four to five days. The rituals continue for three days and there are seven phase-Chot,Raati,Goru,Manuh,Kutum,Mela,Chera. Goru bihu is the first day of rongali bihu. On this day livestock and cattles are taken to the river and they are bathed using turmeric and other herbs.
On manuh  bihu day the people take bath early in the morning and then the children they take blessings from their elders. Everyone wear new cloths, pithas  are the main cuisine of this day. Rice is prepared in bamboo sticks.
On Mela bihu day cultural programmes are organized on fields people dance and sing bihu songs. Nowadays every year new bihu albums are released before the festival.


Rongali bihu also marks the Assamese and Bengali new year. The first day of Baisakh is called Sankranti. On the last day of chaitra month various dishes like Aam  dal,Pachan, Bitter guard curry and other sweet dishes are prepared. These dishes are then eaten with great relish on the next day.People wear new clothes on the new year day. They take blessings from their elders and visit their relatives.
In Punjab Sankranti is celebrated as Baisakhi. Many tragic stories are related to this day. During British rule in the year 1913  many people were killed by British , General Dyer who ordered mass killing in the Jallianwala Bagh.This day also marks the establishment of Khalsa among the Sikh and the Punjabi new year. Food items like makkai ki roti, and Sarson da saag are the main cuisines of this day.


Nowadays though this festivals are celebrated yet it is not like the good old days. People are to busy to spend a second without thinking about themselves or taking up time to visit their relatives. These festivals are the only times when we get some break from our busy lives and enjoy our it to the full.

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